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Anxiety and mm

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I believe CBD attenuates (regulates) the effects of THC. It takes the edge off the consciousness altering effects of THC. It adds a calming effect to the otherwise spaciness of THC so you may want to look for a strain that has a close to equal amount of THC and CBD. I don't know if such a plant exists.

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I have found the same issues with Sativas ... they get me humming too much and add to the problem ... it takes some personal testing, trying different strains ... I stick to indicas like Skywalker and for day trips out in the world I use Pineapple Express ... again, these work for my body chemistry and my individual issues ... you really need to experiment on yourself, in small doses, and see the results ... keep hope in your heart because there are plenty of different strains available ...  

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2 hours ago, Marie Talb said:

Thank You for your kind words. I was/am getting discouraged with the whole thing. If you don’t have a caregiver, how do you find a good one? Do you have to have one? Can I just go to a dispensary with my card? Are there any you recommend (as close to Oakland County as possible

You can go to any dispensary with a hard card (they will also ask to see a license.)

I've had good luck with some NW Detroit dispensaries (& especially like Hello.) But - since you mentioned paranoia & schizophrenia in an earlier post (be especially careful with medibles!) - if you are up to a trip to A2 I've heard good things about Om of Medicine. They have a doc on staff that can give you advice, just call ahead to see if he'll be there. 



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