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Buying reservoirs???


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You can check Craigslist for 275 & 330 gallon IBC totes. I would recommend a used food grade one and if it doesn't come already cleaned take it a self serve car wash and use the high pressure wand to clean it best you can. Ideally summer is a better time to clean these things. I then pour some bleach in them and role them around on all sides to make sure the bleach comes in contact with all sides then rinse.

Obviously a truck is needed but I'm guessing that would be the case with any rez that size.

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5 hours ago, Wild Bill said:

I recently saw these at Hydro Depot on 8 mile in warren.   http://www.hydrodepotmi.com      I do not have a need for a really large storage tank so I never thought about problems with doorways.   At the time I just thought it odd as to why someone would want a flexible tank.  Now it makes sense.


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