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Differences between these concentrates

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I am just getting into vaping. Looking for something that will help severe muscle spasms due to a spinal injury. I have the following concentrates available to me. I believe they are all hybrids.

Does anyone know the difference (if there is any) between:

"The Clear"

Michigan DAB

Michigan Vape

Cookies Jet Fuel?



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Anyone have specific experience with commercial CO2-extracted oil in terms of potency differences? I've tried FlavRX, Hello oil, Mitten meds, and a couple others.  I haven't found any major differences except for taste (I don't use anything with added flavors except for FlavRX which is supposedly from naturally derived terpenes.) However a friend just got back from Cali with an oil cartridge that he claims is much more potent, and the oil is much thinner than the aforementioned ones (which eventually get quite thick and then look more like a wax.)

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They should be able to tell you what the potency is where you buy them.🤙

Some add terps, some don't.  Doesn't take much to thin the oil out enough to vape.

Those cheap little carts are schnitt, though.  The oil is too viscous for those tiny arsed holes.  You need to give them time between hits to allow the wick to resaturate with oil, or you start burning the wick.

I will say, I have had great luck diluting the oil with pg (I vape ecigs and make my own liquid).  Little loss in potency, but wicks a helluva lot better.  It is evidenced but the juice being used up faster, as well.

It is possible the co2 from Cali is diluted. But, I have no clue.  All the co2 oil been in contact with is pretty viscous.

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Yeah, I was surprised at how thin the stuff was. Please note I spoke with him and he is more circumspect. Says "he thinks it is more potent".  

Saw a FlavRX review that said up to 90% THC, however it is not so labeled on the packaging and I kinda doubt that number. 

I used to get the syringes to fill my vape, but it is SO much less a hassle & mess to buy pre-filled carts, & no more dealing with coils. And no cost premium. There's a tradeoff, for sure, in the quality of the cart itself, but that's a tradeoff I'm willing to make. If it sits for a bit and gets thick, I just blast it for a minute with a hair dryer.



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