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Affording your medication

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Ok, so this might come as a dumb question but how does everyone afford their meds? Like if I require 2oz per month of flower that's at least $400/month, plus if I want to add some cartridges from the dispo or whatever it could be a $600-$800 a month expense that I quite frankly cannot afford. I am out of work, don't qualify for unemployment or disability benefits; it sucks. So I guess I was just wondering how other people get by?

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Seriously, with one 400 watt light you can produce a minimum of 4 ounces every 4 months. If you add a 4 bulb T-5 fixture to veg under, you can produce 4 ounces every 8-10 weeks. That is based on putting four plants under each light and using the t5 for veg and the 400 watt for flowering. Use two gallon pots and a good soil mixture (like Pro Mix) along with good nutes and it isn't all that expensive to produce quality meds.

If your living situation makes it impossible to grow, then your only hope unfortunately is to find a good caregiver.


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