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My Experience With Portable Vaporizers For Concentrated Cannabis Oil And E-Cigarette Oil



My journey with pen vaporizers began with quitting smoking cigarettes. 30 years of smoking cigarettes, it was well time to quit.

Since the software update on this website, many of the images in this blog entry have been lost. You can view the complete content of this blog and more here: http://cchub.org/Blogs/blogs.html 

I started off with purchasing a Dream Vapor Electronic Cigarette kit for $25.99. It took me about a week before I could fully stop the cigarettes and only use the e-cigarette. The first couple of weeks I noticed that my lungs were clearing up and I could breathe better. That is when I realized that I just had to make concentrated cannabis oil work in one of these refillable tank style e-cigarettes.


WARNING: The information and links I have posted throughout this blog were as I was learning. My opinion in some of the things has changed. Like the $37 SVD, it is low quality and not the real deal. I recommend the $89 kit through High Desert Vapes. The Dream Vapor, I no longer recommend that product. The C4 Clearomizer, I do not recommend that for cannabis oil, but it is acceptable for e-cigarette oils. For e-cigarettes, or any pen battery use, I recommend the eGo C Twist variable voltage batteries only, preferably the 650mAh. As you get to the end of the blog, you will see that I have gained more experience. I have tried the concentrate straight, e-cannabis oil, and I have found preferred products. In other words, read the blog to the end before making a product decision.


After some failures in testing different mixtures, I found what seems to work best. It seems that Propylene Glycol USP, which is a component used in many of the e-cigarette oils, works best. It is important to be sure to get Propylene Glycol USP. The PG USP is used in medicines and some food and beverage processing. It is also great for using in topical solutions. PG USP helps medicine penetrate skin and tissue which enables the medicine to enter the bloodstream more quickly and easily. PG USP also helps chemicals bond together.


The PG USP reduces the temperature required to vaporize the RSO (Concentrated Cannabis), which makes it possible to evenly vaporize the RSO with the e-cigarettes.


I have compared vaporizing straight RSO vs. RSO with PG USP added. For portable electronic vaporizers, RSO with PG USP seems better to me, I prefer it. It is not only the vaporizing with an e-cigarette, there are other benefits. Such as, being able to hold 1/2 ounce worth of bud, transformed into oil in the vaporizer tank. One fill can keep a patient medicated for weeks. You just cannot beat the convenience. Also, it seems to have a different effect when inhaling. It is almost like taking a draw from a medicine inhaler.


It is easy to mix the PG USP with the RSO. All you need to do is gently warm the RSO in a large spoon or small bowl just until it begins to "melt". Remove from the heat and mix in the PG USP. I have found that a 70% RSO to 30% PG USP works best. However it can vary any where from 10 - 50% PG USP, also personal preference fits into the equation. After the RSO and PG USP are mixed well, suck it up into a syringe. You now have E-Cannabis oil ready to fill an e-cigarette tank and start vaporizing your oil!


Since I have started doing this, I have not even desired to smoke a joint. I think in the last 3-4 weeks I have smoked maybe one.


Vaporizer Collection 6 11 13 011

E Cannabis Oil Aka G Oil

Portable adjustable vaporizer

Surfing And Vaping  6 7 13 005


Keep checking back for more information.


Recommended Comments

The larger vaporizer in the picture above is probably my favorite for home use. It is not really very stealthy. The tank up above that holds the oil, I am so happy and excited. I am having a professional glass blower make me a custom glass tank. I gave them their choice of two different options of a marijuana leaf to put on it. Either three small leaves or just one nice large one. Also, with a custom blown glass mouthpiece which are called drip tips. It will probably be a couple of weeks before they can get it made and sent to me. The unit that goes in the center of the tank that heats the oil only, for the glass, is called a cartomizer. The vaporizer in the picture, that type would be a wick style clearomizer. I have not tried a cartomizer yet, at least not a real one. I just can't wait to get that bad boy and show it!


Also, the glass or the one in the picture, they will fit a regular pen style vaporizer as they have the same threads. Inner threads are called 510. Outer threads are called Ego.

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Great news!


Every patient I have tried this with, each one said that it seemed like the way to go.


That is not the great news. The great news is the most experienced patient I know that consumes cannabis, and I trust his opinion the most, it is the first time I heard him say that it was killer. I have never even heard him say that. He is old school. He said, and I agree, the buzz was definitely different, lasted much longer than smoking cannabis, and everybody that has tried it said that it gives more of a body buzz. He also said it is the first time he vaped or smoked and it reminded him of just eating the oil, not the same as, but reminded him of the effects.


Now what this tells me, and I agree with everything he said, is that with the PG USP mixed with the RSO is much more medicinal. I believe in almost all cases vaporizing RSO straight degrades the medicinal effects. This is only my opinion, but I definitely feel confident in the e-cannabis oil and its medicinal potential.

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I have a lot more to add to this blog, but for now, I will cut through the BS and show my two favorite vapes and another one that I like.


SVD on the left.

Vape Pens  6 18 13 011


My favorite vape is the itazte SVD by: Innokin, http://highdesertvapes.com/products/Innokin-iTaste-SVD.html it works especially well with my e-cannabis oil. For e-cigarette oils, the metal mouthpiece can have an effect on the flavors. This vaporizer offers the largest, most potent hits. Good news is that there are a lot of different attachments available. Here is a link to where I like to purchase most of my vaping products. www.highdesertvapes.com

you will also need a charger and batteries, this is the charger that I recommend http://highdesertvapes.com/products/TrustFire-TR%252d006-Multifunctional-Charger.html

There are two types of batteries, small and large. Actually there is a third setting, it will require additional programming to the vape, easy to do. Using two small batteries, which will double the voltage. My preferred small batteries http://highdesertvapes.com/products/AW-IMR18350-700-mAh-Battery.html I recommend two of these. I recommend one of these larger batteries http://highdesertvapes.com/products/AW--IMR18650%252d2000-mAh-Battery.html

The SVD clearomizer tank, the unit comes with two, are completely rebuildable, deliver the most fluid to the heating element compared to any unit I have seen so far. Also, it has lasted the longest and consumed the most oil without having to be cleaned. It comes with all the rebuildable parts you need for only $89 (excluding battery(ies) and charger).


Here is the second favorite vape set up. It is cheap, convenient, reliable, and somewhat disposable. Not that big of a deal if a part breaks or you lose the vape. That is kind of a benefit for me, I drop and break things a lot. The battery I recommend is the eGo-C Twist, a variable voltage (VV) battery http://highdesertvapes.com/products/eGo%252dC-Twist-650mah-Variable-Voltage-Battery.html for less than $20 it can't be beat. With the VV you can dial the battery right in to the perfect vaping temperature. Now you will need the clearomizer (tank and heating element) http://highdesertvapes.com/products/Innokin-iClear-16-Dual-Coil-Clearomizer.html this unit is better than ones that look like it. Dual heating coil, quad wick, completely rebuildable/replaceable heating wicking element. I chose a colored clearomizer for stealth. Replacement heating element http://highdesertvapes.com/products/Innokin-iClear-16-Dual-Coil-Clearomizer-Replacement-Head.html

You will need one more thing for this vape, a charger. Less than $6 http://highdesertvapes.com/products/eGo-USB-Charger-with-Cord.html

Now these are my two favorite vapes for concentrated cannabis mixed with propylene glycol USP. Also, they are my favorite vaporizers for e-cigarette oil.


My third favorite vaporizer is a complete package, comes with everything you need. $25.99 http://dreamvapor.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=52

This one is smaller and prettier, more comfortable and convenient. Works well.


All of the vaporizers that I have mentioned here are completely interchangeable. All of them contain the inner 510 threads and the outer eGo threads.


Of course, you will probably want some PG USP http://highdesertvapes.com/products/USP-Kosher-Proplyene-Glycol-%28PG%29.html


If you really want to go stealth, or just add some some sweet flavor to your oil, this PG USP has sweetener added to it. It adds a nice sweet flavor to your draw and does a pretty good job masking the aroma of your exhale. http://highdesertvapes.com/products/Sweetener-%28by-HDV-5%25-Sucralose-%252d-PG%29.html


I don't have any ties to these companies other than making my purchases from them. They seem to have the best prices and High Desert Vapes has the best shipping.

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My two favorite vaporizers, eGo-C Twist and SVD, I found a real nice case for them. The case has padding to protect the equipment. You can get them in all different colors, even camo. Only $7.99 at High Desert Vapes.


In this case, with the SVD, I can fit either the large or the small battery sleeve with a spare battery and the clearomizer. Not much room for anything else. So basically it will safely hold your SVD with an extra battery.


My favorite thing about the case is I can fit my e-cigarette set up, because I enjoy e-ciggs. I keep one full clearomizer with RSO. That is like having an 1/8 - 1/4 oz. I also can keep a reserve of e-cannabis oil in a 4mL flavor additive vial, the one I have right now is sugar cream. It is the same color as the e-cannabis oil too. So secretly I have 5 grams of e-cannabis oil in the case. Stealth wise, I don't see how anybody would know. If LEO saw it, there would be no reason for suspicion, especially since I have the e-cigarette equipment in there.


Even though I am legal, stealth is the way to go. I don't trust LEO or the courts. What they don't know, won't hurt me! :D


Take a look at the different colors, they even have zebra and leopard pattern. I recommend this case for anyone who uses a pen vaporizer. You may want to consider some e-cigg oil for added camouflage. Better safe than sorry.  http://highdesertvapes.com/products/eGo%7B47%7DeGo%252dT-Carrying-Case.html


E Kit convenient stealth 6 27 13 023

E cannabis Kit camo case 6 27 13 024

stealth E cannabis Kit 6 27 13 026



Here is another tip that may help you. If you are already using a pen vaporizer, and your battery has the standard 510 threads, if you are having problems with oil leaking down to the battery, I may have a solution for you. It may make your pen look a bit strange, but it is worth it. There is a 510 to 510 adapter available. The one you would want is the sealed one. Then oil cannot leak down to your battery. You may just want to purchase one to screw on to your charger, that can protect your charger from your battery wanting to stick to it from oil leakage.

For $3.99 I bought a couple of them. I am not sure if I will need them, but good to have around if you use 510 thread batteries. http://highdesertvapes.com/products/510%252d510-Adapter-%28Sealed%29.html

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Finally got it and I want to show this bad boy off!

Custom glass design. Three mj leaves and a custom drip tip (mouthpiece). Only one like it in the whole world as it is my custom design, yeah baby!

First time getting to vaporize my e-cannabis oil through an all glass rig. The taste is out of this world. So much better than anything I have ever tried. I will surely have to get another one for vaporizing my e-cigg oils. The taste is so much better using the glass tank.

Ordered from High Desert Vapes. It took a while to get it, but was well worth the wait. They definitely pulled through for me.


Custom Glass Tank 7 15 13 028


Custom glass tank 7 15 13 027


Custom glass tank 7 15 13 030


This is my first time using a glass tank set up. It uses a different style of heating element called a cartomizer. This is not a customized piece of crap like other companies offer, this is the real deal. I did not expect the cartomizer to vape so well. Not to mention the glass, it can't be beat. Whether it is for concentrates or e-cigarettes, if you are looking for full flavor the glass tanks are the way to go.


Here is a link if you would like to have a custom tank made. http://highdesertvapes.com/products/Design-Your-Own-Tank.html

There are many shapes and sizes to choose from. If you want your own custom designed tank I highly recommend you take a look at their pre-made tanks to help give you a better ideal of what you want.


Here are some pre-made glass tanks, all very cool too! Some are one and only's and others there are just a few. http://highdesertvapes.com/categories/Designer-Pyrex-Tanks/For-Sale/


Lastly, you will need a glass drip tip. They have many different types to choose from. http://highdesertvapes.com/categories/Designer-Pyrex-Tanks/Glass-Drip-Tips/

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Looks like we will have to wait for the Supreme Court ruling before making any more concentrates, at least in Michigan. The COA just ruled that all concentrates are illegal and the only legal way to use medical marijuana is basically smoking joints or eating it raw. No oils or resins, no topicals, no edibles. We can tell who is running this country and it is not the people, it is big corporations like the pharmaceutical companies. Hopefully I can get back to making oil again.

Just thought I would share one more picture of my custom glass rig.


Custom Glass Tank 7 16 13 014

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The oil is the only solution for a large portion of the people. One of my patients right now has no choice and it is not for medicinal reasons. It is for Federal housing reasons. There are many people in fed housing in this state. They can't just go smoke joints or vape buds. They could wind up homeless faster than flies on poop. People in this type of situation, or even in a regular apartment, or a parent that is not ready for their children to see them using the medicine. These people can vape the oil in a pen vaporizer or eat the oil and nobody would know the difference and they would not have to worry about becoming homeless because somebody reported smelling marijuana.


Also, they can easily store/hide/lock up the medicine without having to be concerned with it getting moldy, damaged, no need to worry about smell/aroma, it has a long term shelf life. With most of the e-cigg equipment especially the iClear16 it is much more pleasurable on the lungs. You don't get all the strong expando and coughing. You don't get the stink that smoking joints or vaping buds puts out.


In my opinion, it is safer, better, and more medicinal. RSO is the way to go!

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After having used the custom glass tank with a cartomizer for a while, it does have its good side, but also has its bad side, especially when used with cannabis oil.


With the cartomizers that are available (1.5 ohm), for me to get it to work correctly I have to dilute or thin out the oil more with the PG USP. It requires much more patients and experience to get these to work right with any oil. It is really easy to damage the cartomizer.

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For using e-cigarette oils the innokin i30 tank attachment, it comes standard with an SVD vaporizer. This tank has one bad side. The metal tip or mouthpiece has an effect on sweet flavors. It kind of takes away the sweet flavors. It may not be the right tank for you because of this for using with e-cigarette oils. So far I see no negative side for using cannabis oil with it. It may even be a good or preferred side effect with the metal mouthpiece when using cannabis oil. I can't really taste any PG USP mixed into the RSO while using the i30 tank. Well, I guess there is one downside, it is an oil hog!! You go through a lot of oil, but it surely delivers the most powerful hits that I have encountered.


The i30 is available in different colors and has 510 threads too. I recommend using variable voltage batteries (VV) though.




The i16 and i30 are my favorites. The wick type dual heating elements on both of these units are interchangeable so you can use i30 wicks in an i16 clearomizer or vice versa. There is only about a $0.20 price difference between the two replacement wicks. The links are in entries above.


The CE4 V4 clearomizer may be your best choice for your battery with whatever oil you choose. You can get them in different colors. They work great. The CE4s are disposable, not rebuildable. They have a single heating element so they deliver a smaller hit that is much easier on the lungs, especially if you have breathing problems. You may prefer it because you like to take 5 to 10 draws instead of only 2 or 3 draws from your vaporizer. Currently they only cost $3.99 and will work in all 510 thread batteries. I only recommend using these as a replacement to the DreamVapor clearomizers or non-adjustable 510 thread batteries. I still recommend having a variable voltage battery around. You will get a whole new life to your clearomizer since you can turn up the voltage. Here is a link to the CE4 disposable clearomizer.



They also make a rebuildable CE4. I don't care for it. It is made of good quality, but it is too bad that they do not offer a full length wick for the heating element, it is like little stumps and you have to tip the e-cigg to soak the wick, then tip it back to take a hit. That sucks and it is too bad that is the only way they offer it.


Something else I would like to note. I have noticed that since I have been doing frozen extractions, I started doing two quick rinses with the solvent and I would purge the solvent separate from a longer soaked third rinse. Since I started doing it this way, all the batches I have made the oil is so clean I can taste certain strains that were used. At first I thought a lot of the sweet flavor I was getting was from the PG USP that I used in making the e-cannabis oil and using plastic or glass clearomizers (vaping tanks). I have noticed now that the sweetness was coming from my strawberry cough strain. With newer batches of oil, without strawberry cough, they did not have the same sweet taste. With Qush, I could literally taste the Qush. The Strawberry Cough tastes fruity peach candy like. This has made me realize, at least for vaporizing purposes, it would be much better to make the RSO from each individual strain. Really, it should be like that anyway. Then you can mix your oil strains to whatever your preference is. The down side is that it will be a lot more difficult. I prefer to make larger batches of RSO, it is more wasteful making small batches.


Here are a couple of pictures from my last batch of oil. Using my methods, if you want your oil to come out really good, you MUST start with good buds. No cheating. Don't use 151 grain alcohol, don't use 91% isopropyl alcohol. Do it right, be patient. It comes out worth it in the end. Not in the mood to back read, here is a link to my RSO making experience. http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/blog/532/entry-841-my-experience-with-rick-simpson-oil-cannabis-oil-vs-cancer/#commentsStart


I don't find it difficult to use my best buds. That is the only use I really see for them. I have no more interest in combustion. Yes, the oil can be expensive, difficult to make (risk, quantity, accident potential, mistakes, etc.), but it is totally worth it when it comes to medicinal. It does not make sense to use medical marijuana in a carcinogen cancer causing manner, or even painful for some, like me, my lungs don't take to smoke very well. The doctor doesn't prescribe medicine that is intended to be smoked. What the hell is the matter with our government? They want us to only smoke it? That is recreational in my opinion. I have learned so much in the past 4 years. Marijuana is truly medicinal, but it must be used wisely. Vaporizing the cannabis oil or eating the concentrated cannabis oil is the safest, healthiest, most medicinal way to use marijuana. You are not combusting it. Combusting is bad, it creates carcinogens, carcinogens cause cancer. When you combust, you multiply the chemicals by 50.  In my opinion, most of the medicinal properties of marijuana are destroyed during the combustion period. Vaporizing and eating concentrated oil, or topical solutions for skin, joint, and muscular issues.

Buds For RSO 9 1 13 114

Buds For RSO 9 1 13 111

Buds For RSO 9 1 13 110


Here is a picture of my stash. I usually don't touch my stash. There is three of almost everything in here. These items have been fully tested and proven to be fully worthy. Of course with these types of items, there are failures that is why in the picture you will see replacement heating elements. The heating element where the batteries are is an i30, it works just fine with the iClear16 tank. Where the tanks are, there are two more replacement heating elements that are the i16 series. Back on the battery side, those are the eGo C Twist variable voltage. Those are my all around favorite batteries. On the other side there is a 10 mg brown bottle of e-cigg oil filled with my best e-cannabis oil right to the rim. Next to that are three i16 filled up with my best oil. Up above, are two 4 mg flavor vials filled to the rim with e-cannabis. All of my e-cannabis is mixed extra thick. The little clear bottle is not filled with vanilla oil, but is filled with PG USP. There have been many times I want to add a drop or two more of PG USP to my iClear 16. That is pretty much it for my stash, at least my vape stash. My RSO stash is separate. All of this is packed in a padded camouflage eGo case I purchased from High Desert Vapes. That little stash kit is priceless to me.

Stash 9 1 13 147


Don't get me wrong, I love my SVD vaporizer I have two of those put away. I would have pictures all set for you, but there were some complications with some accessories I recently ordered and am waiting for that to be resolved. It is not as convenient, but it delivers the most bad donkey hit there is period. It is a must have for me.


Well, here is one of my most recent with the SVD. Labor Day weekend, I gotta hit that bad boy! Took the pic right after I cleaned her up, put in a new heating element, and filled her up with fresh oil. Of course premium oil.

SVD with I30 9 1 13 158

Here is the basic $25 650 maH DreamVapor battery from the original kit. Next to two C4 disposable clearomizers. One is clear the other on is black-tinted. 

DreamVapor with C4 9 1 13 143


This picture is 30mL or CC or grams or an ounce whatever you want to call it of e-cannabis oil. As you can see with the cap off its nice golden color. This is my lower quality oil. I produce this from my third rinse separate from my first two rinses. 12 oz of my best buds produced one ounce of e-cannabis oil regular grade to my standards. It required a little over 20 grams of pure RSO to make the 30mL of e-cannabis oil. Out of the 12 oz of the premium oil, I ended up with about 60 ml of e-cannabis oil. I am only guessing because with my premium oil, I did not convert to e-cannabis oil. I got about 40 grams of premium RSO from my two fast rinses.

30 ML E cannabis Oil 9 1 13 137


Check back in the future. I may be adding more information. There is currently more that I could have added. I have tried out many different accessories than what I have discussed thus far. All around, nothing beats the eGo C Twist 650 mah with an iClear16, especially like in the stash kit I showed. That is for e-cannabis or e-cigarettes. Nothing beats it in my book period for all around best product. Nothing beats the SVD for the all around most powerful, intense vaporizer.

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As for products. I think I am taking a break. I have tested out many products that I have not discussed. For instance: G-Pen, 710, Essential, and many more. I am not really in to ripping on companies. Most of those items I have found to be over priced junk. I may show some pictures to display that I did test those items, but for now I would rather concentrate on what works. What works the best for me period is the eGo C Twist variable Voltage battery, iClear16 tank, and also the SVD (Superior Vaping Device) by innokin with an iClear30 all by innokin, as far as I am concerned, their products are the whoop for cannabis oil or even e-cigarette oil.


I have many tips and advice. For now I will discuss one. Whether it is a C4, iClear16, or something similar, one example: Say you put fresh oil in a brand new unit and the heating coil is broken. Now you don't want to waste your fresh oil right? Or used oil for that matter. I have found the best way to get the oil back out of the unit/clearomizer for whatever the reason may be. Fill a large glass with very hot water, put your unit inside a zip lock type sandwich baggie (hopefully leak proof) I put the unit in the corner of the baggie. Soak it in the hot water for 5 or 10 minutes. The heat should cause the oil to become thin enough to be able to empty up to 90% of it out. When I have to pour mine out, I empty it into a small metal measuring cup tilted so I can suck the oil up into 1CC size syringe(s). Back in the syringe you can easily inject the oil back into a functioning clearomizer/unit.


Here is an example.

Replacing heating element

Keep checking back in. I do have more to discuss and I do have more testing to do as well.
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Here is a picture of what I discussed previously regarding the heating elements of the iClear16 and iClear30 being interchangeable. As you can see, there is a bit of a difference in the wick system. Other than that, I don't see any other differences. I am no sure which element I prefer yet. I ohm tested each of them on my SVD vaporizer. They both read 2 - 2.1 ohms. You may want to try each of them in either device, the i16 or i30. Up above in previous posts there are links to where they can be purchased.

Replaceable Heating Elements 9 14 13 079

I had also mentioned previously this device with a link to where you can purchase it. It is a 510 to 510 thread adapter, sealed. It being sealed prevents oil leaking down to the battery. I have found another purpose for these adapters. They are a must have. You can see in the picture, both of my battery chargers for the eGo C Twist or DreamVapor have these installed. The adapter protects the battery chargers from oil or anything else sticking to the battery/charger after being charged. When this happens and you unscrew your battery from the charger, they become stuck together, the oil becomes like glue. When you go to unscrew the battery from the charger, it will either damage the battery or the charger. With the adapter, at the least it will save one of the devices, well both really, should oil get onto the battery or charger. Say it sticks and you unscrew the battery from the charger and now the adapter is stuck to the battery. All you have to do is heat the adapter up a little bit with a lighter or something, then after it warms, the adapter should unscrew from the battery just fine. Next thing to do is clean each part with some alcohol. The adapter also offers another bonus. Here and there I will get a battery or charger that just does not work together. Usually it is because there is not a good connection. In the first picture you can see two 510-510 adapters. One of the adapters I unscrewed a washer. After unscrewing the washer, my battery that would not work with the charger now works great! By removing the washer, it allowed the battery to thread in deeper to the charger and make good contact. These adapters are only $3.99 last I checked. I have found them to be worth having. To save  you the trouble of searching for it, here is the link to the adapter http://highdesertvapes.com/products/510%252d510-Adapter-%28Sealed%29.html
Edit: Just realized this. You do need to remove the washer from the adapter for it to work correctly on a charger. For now on my chargers will always have an adapter on them I will not break another charger because of the sticking issue. Also, I just got lucky! The last charger I ruined, I took it apart and was able to resolder the wire that became disconnected. Pain in donkey, but it worked!

510 To 510 sealed adapter 9 14 13 117

Battery chargers with 510 adapter 9 14 13 119



I have more to discuss on using and cleaning the equipment. I like to use 151 Everclear. I would prefer 190, but it is not available to purchase in Michigan. If you have to, you can use 100 proof vodka. When it comes to my vaporizers, that is all I use for cleaning.



Keep checking back for more updates and information.

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Besides for tips on cleaning and using the items, I am really hoping I get to try some important tests. Like trying out non decarbed RSO, which is not RSO. It would be quizo hash. For all I know it is not going to work well, or it may work much better. Decarbing could have strong effects either way. I am really looking forward to conducting the test. I am almost ready.


Also, winterizing, many of the methods I really don't care for or simply don't have interest in. I am curious and would really like to do a quality comparison of winterized oil and not winterized oil. I don't recommend winterizing oil for medicinal use. It could be removing many of the necessary CBDs or other elements that we may want. It could have a good effect on the taste, especially with lower quality oil or just oil that is made with higher chlorophyll plants. I have plants I don't use for oil, they produce great oil, it just comes out dark. It still tastes pretty good.


I am hoping to share the results soon.

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Here is a link to a journal I put together of my preferred method of making RSO. It also leads to other posts I have done as well as supplies and materials needed for making the RSO. Most of the information is already here on my Experience with RSO blog entry, but this journal entry may make it easier.



I also have it blogged here http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/blog/532/entry-1098-rso-qwiso-concentrates-by-grow-goddess/

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Cool man! Must add this to my blog, glad I found this information. If you are looking for a replacement SVD because you broke yours or something. Here is a kit that is less complete. Maybe you do not care for the iClear30 attachment. Well this may be the kit for you. For example: for e-cigarettes, I do not care for the iClear30 clearomizer because it seems that the metal tip takes away the sweet flavor. For e-cigarettes I prefer the iClear16. Those work just fine on the SVD too.


Just over $37.00 and free shipping world wide!



I will probably order one to have some spare parts around. When I have the extra coin.

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I have never used this vaporizer nor do I know anyone who has, but supposedly this might be the best vaporizer of them all.



To me it looks pretty much the same as an SVD, but nicer. It does come with a warranty and it is made in USA. $212.95 and qualifies for free shipping too!


In most kits, the battery and charger are junk. With the ProVari the battery and charger seem to be of good quality.


If I had the extra money to waste, I would buy one to try it out. Looks pretty sweet.

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I wish I would have added more information by now. I have really been stressed out and times have been tough lately. Seems like the world has gone mad, close friends and all.


I must push through this BS in my life and march forward.


Soon I will give some form of update on using QWISO hash. I may make it a little different than what is considered normal, but we will give it a go soon!


Just threw about 1/2 oz in the freezer. I will do my frozen extraction. Instead of putting it in a glass pan and let it air dry, I will put it in my RSO finishing cup with a little coffee cup warmer heat. We will see soon.


I have had other people report back that QWISO and BHO worked real well using the methods I describe above. I certainly want to try the QWISO myself. The QWISO is basically and iso extraction without decarbing. Whereas RSO is an iso wash then decarbed by cooking down in the rice cooker.


Here is a little tip: when I am using my vaporizer and it starts to get low, and I refill it once with fresh oil. After that, I continue to add just a couple drops at a time of the PG USP. The thicker chlorophyll crap doesn't evenly vaporize so it starts to build up. I like to refill any one of my units 1-3 times. After about three fills I like to clean the unit with 151 Everclear.


The amount of PG USP added is all personal preference and what type of vaporizing unit you are using. The more PG USP, the easier it vapes, but it gives less bud taste. The thicker the oil, the more it tastes just like the bud, if not better. Again, a personal preference.


I will be adding more soon...... I hope......

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First, I would like to talk about the PG USP separating from the concentrate. If done correctly with high quality oil, not too hot, not too cold when mixing, they seem to not separate at all. However, I have found a few scenarios to where the do separate. A lower quality oil, the oil can still be high quality, but a bit higher in chlorophyll or other impurities, possibly even the strain. One batch I made that was stored in the clearomizers for well over a month, the lower quality batches separated and the RSO stuck to the wicks in the clearomizer. The very same oil stored in 4 mL glass vials did not noticeably separate. Now with my highest quality oil mixed with PG USP and stored in a clearomizer did not separate at all. Unfortunately for vaporizing, the more clear the oil is, the more enjoyable the vape is. It is unfortunate because it is inefficient to make a very clean clear oil. In my opinion, the convenience and quality far outweighs the petty inconveniences and difficulties.


In many cases, winterizing the oil may be the best choice when it comes to vaporizing oil. Winterizing is a way to clean out impurities, using a freezing process. I will talk more about winterizing in the future.


For now, lets get to what has been happening. I made a small amount of QWISO hash today. I did not do my best, just did an average job. Pretty much simulated making RSO without decarbing and evaporating the alcohol in the rice cooker, I skipped that process. I know you are supposed to put it in a glass casserole dish, but I did not. I just put it in a small metal measuring cup instead. I did put it on the coffee cup warmer with coins under the cup. I also had a fan blowing on the solvent to aid in the evaporation and keep it cool. It kept is so cool that there was no bubbling at all like you would see when making RSO. Otherwise, I pretty much used my RSO making techniques.


Here is a picture of the first stage. There is a lot of solvent compared to when I make RSO, that is why it looks so clear. This will only produce a small amount of oil or hash. 1-2 grams.

QWISO 11 15 13  154


No bubbling what so ever. I evaporated it down 3/4 of the way. It was still very runny like water. I poured it out onto a plate and let it air dry with a fan blowing on it for about 8 hours or so. After it got thick like RSO, maybe a little thicker, I used a razor blade and scooped some up and sucked it up into a syringe, then put it back into the metal cup and gave it a little heat to melt evenly in the cup, then turned the heat off. I am going to let it dry for a day, maybe longer so it will kind of be like BHO shatter I suppose. Then I am going to reheat it, add some propylene glycol USP, mix it well, then pour it into one of my clearomizers and try it out. I will report back as to how a non decarbed oil works in the vaporizers that I have discussed previously.


I produced about 1.5 grams of QWISO. When the product in the pan is super hard, I will report back how it does in the vape.


I used a little over 1/4 oz of premium bud, probably less than 1/2 oz. Going by a visual estimate. They were some of my best Qush buds though, which typically produce the least amount of oil, but very good oil.

QWISO 2013 11150017

QWISO 2013 11150018

QWISO 2013 11150022

QWISO 2013 11150025

Oh, and I see that High Times just did a story where they review 32 vape pens. They state that it is their most viewed subject on their website. I am sure I will disagree with most of it though LOL.

QWISO 11 15 13

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My goal was to test the QWISO in an e-cigg vaporizer.

I have wood burners for heat and fans blowing on the oil. It has been a couple days now. It is super thick, but not like glass hard. That would probably take a good week or two. Like I have seen with RSO.

I checked how thick the oil was when this picture was taken. It is thicker than my RSO when it is complete. I am confident all of the alcohol has evaporated out.

QWISO 2013 11160002

I warmed it up with my coffee mug warmer to melt it up then added propylene glycol USP and mixed it well. I gently warmed the mixture and stirred it around again to be sure it was blended well. You must be careful about too much heat or too long on the mug warmer because it will start to vaporize.

I tried out QWISO e-juice for the first time with my eGo C Twist and an iClear16 clearomizer. I am impressed. It seems to offer a different buzz compared to RSO being vaporized in the same manner. The buzz seems to hit more instantly, similar to smoking bud. It is very potent. After my second vape hit I already had a buzz. Took a couple more hits a few hours ago and I am still buzzing. The QWISO e-juice is very smooth with a light ganja taste. I also put some of the straight QWISO in my pipe and put a lighter to it to compare it to RSO in the same manner. It was definetly smoother than RSO when burning it. One thing that I was hoping to get from QWISO is taste/flavor. I was hoping it was going to give me more flavor than the RSO. I used very flavorful Quish and Strawberry buds. When I smoke or vape the QWISO, I cannot say that I taste the buds like I sometimes do with the RSO.

I like it. This is my first impression of it comparing it to RSO in a vaporizer. I think I like it better. I only see one problem for me though. That was a lot of alcohol evaporating in my house just to get a couple of grams of oil. When I make RSO it is easy to do a quantity, since the evaporation is done outdoors with a rice cooker.

I have to come up with a good way to evaporate the alcohol to do like 1/4 pound of premium bud without all the fumes in the house.

Making just two grams of oil made from a little less than 1/2 oz of bud was not a problem, but I am picturing doing a large quantity, like 1/4 pound of bud potentially being a problem.

Didn't have the sunshine when I took the pictures so the true color is not showing, but it does have a nice premium transparent amber color. This was from three fast frozen washes. Now I would like to see the oil made from one or two fast frozen washes.


QWISO E Juice 2013 11160008

QWISO E Juice 2013 11160006

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Well, I did finally get started with a small winterizing experiment.


For treating cancer or eating the oil or whatever, this winterizing of super clean oil is not necessary in my opinion. It is very important with vaporizing though. A lot of the reason is taste/flavor. The cleaner the oil is, the better it vaporizes with less problems with clogging. It is more necessary to get a cleaner, high potent oil so you can get relief, a buzz, from just a couple of pokes or hits from your vaporizer. Medicinally speaking, you don't want chlorophyll and such going directly into your lungs. With eating the oil, a small amount of chlorophyll does not make a difference. For vaporizing, it can make all the difference.


The winterizing test I did is not like in the skunkfarms link and is not exactly the best technique for winterizing. It is just a basic, simple method that other people have told me worked for them. My results also include using paper coffee filters for filtering.  I am glad I did this test. I don't consider it a success, but in a way I do. It is more information. I haven't made RSO in a long time, since before the COA ruling actually. However, I did have some stored away and I have been conducting my experiments with what I did have available.


The oil I tried the winterizing with did not need winterizing, but it was all I had available. It was a very clean oil that was made with two quick frozen washes.


I took three grams of the oil and warmed it up using a coffee cup warmer. I added 3/4 cup of 99% isopropyl alcohol. I stirred it around to be sure it mixed thoroughly. I poured it into a small glass container and put it into the freezer for about a week. When I took it out of the freezer, and first looked at the oil, there was nothing floating up on top, .there was just a small amount of sediment on the bottom (very clean looking sediment). I filtered it through a paper filter since the sediment was so fine looking. I very gently re-purged the oil removing the isopropyl. I did do one thing different, which I may do from now on. I let it sit out for 3 days after the purge was complete to let it dry more, like you would do with QWISO. I warmed it back up so I could suck it up into a syringe. I started off with 3 grams of oil and ended up with 1.75 grams. A lot of the missing oil is due to waste from oil sticking to the warming cup and also allowing the oil to dry more than usual. The winterizing sediment was about 1/4 gram if that. I realize this is not the standard method for winterizing, but I have heard it can help and I believe it to be true. I don't think it did my clean oil any good. It seemed to be more of a waste actually. If it were an oil that was not as clean, I am sure there would have been more of a success. More than likely, there would have been chlorophyll or other elements floating on the top where it could easily be filtered out. I don't doubt at all that if I were to have used the techniques as stated in the skunkfarms link, I would have yielded better results. I did learn some things through this. Like the paper filter; I quit using paper filters. Maybe I shouldn't have because sediment made it past my typical filtering process. So I decided to find out for sure. I allowed the sediment that was caught in the paper filter from winterizing to dry for a week. I just now put some in a clean pipe and smoked it. It did not taste too bad. I never tried to smoke the sediment from the filter before, but this stuff looked really clean, so I gave it a try. I got a nice little buzz from it. I don't want to remove that from my oil. At least I don't think so at this point.


So what did I learn from this?


Using fine paper coffee filters can degrade the oil or maybe just remove some elements from the oil that you really don't want to remove. It doesn't taste bad and offers a comfortable buzz.

Oil that is already very clean it is probably more wasteful trying to winterize it even though doing the winterizing skunkfarms way may provide better results. Maybe in the near future I will try it skunkfarms way. Also, I may only choose to winterize with a more dirty looking oil. I think for now with my double wash clean quality oil I won't be trying any more winterizing experiments at least not until I see good reason to.


here are the pictures throughout the process. I have not tried vaping the oil from the syringes yet. I will post when I do. It really can't be judged until it has been taste tested.


After pulling out of freezer. The RSO fully diluted with isopropyl.

Winterize 11 15 13 155


Filtering the winterized solution

Winterize RSO 2013 11200003

The leftover sediment that was dried and smoked and provided a comfortable buzz

Winterize RSO 2013 11200005

After filtering, ready to purge solvent

Winterize RSO 2013 11200004

Pretty much purged in these pictures. Then I let it stay in the pan for 3 days so it could dry more like QWISO

Winterize RSO 2013 11200007

Winterize RSO 112413 012


After it dried I put it into a syringe and I will report back after trying it in the vaporizer.


While we are waiting i will post some recent bud pics I shared elsewhere. These are the type of buds I like to use for making oil.

Bud Stash 112413 018

Blueberry Jam: It makes a good oil, but dark. Unfortunately, I believe it releases more chlorophyll than other strains.
With Flash

Blueberry Jam 112413 020

Blueberry Jam 112413 019


Without Flash

Blueberry Jam 112413 021



Strawberry Cough: This is one of my preferred strains for making oil. I think I am going to make some QWISO with the buds in this picture. The picture was taken after the buds were freshly manicured. Now they are dry and sitting in one of those jars in the first bud picture.

Strawberry Cough 2013 11170003

A closer look

Strawberry Cough 2013 11170004


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So, I made some QWISO with the 190 Everclear. I am not ready to give a full opinion of it since I only used one strain, typically I use multiple strains when I make oil. This would be my second QWISO run and the first time using grain alcohol.

I did a couple of things different. For now I will say it came out good. I used my darkest oil producing strain, least desire for vaping purposes or looks, the strain I used was Blueberry Jam. The oil came out pretty clear. I did a triple wash extraction. It has a lot of flavor. I am not entirely sure why yet.

As for winterizing iso oil, using grain alcohol is better than winterizing compared to using iso to winterize. I used the exact same oil, exact everything except for iso vs. 190 everclear for winterizing. Winterizing with the 190 everclear made the oil more clear. Again, this was done with an iso extracted oil.

For now on, winterizing or not, I am going to dilute the finished RSO with 190 proof or higher grain alcohol, gently purge it, so I know for sure there is no iso whatsoever in the finished product.

Using grain alcohol to make the QWISO, it was noticeable towards the end of the evaporation that there was more water in it. You could see the water separate from the oil towards the end. The water was like a white foam. It takes longer to evaporate with the everclear and that can be inconvenient.

Making the oil using the RSO method, there would be no need to add water towards the end of the rice cooker stage since the everclear contains 5% water which evaporates last.


QWISO BBJ 190 12 12 13 011

The oil seemed finished at a certain point and there was still watery crap left over. I was frustrated so I added more 190 everclear to dilute it and put it in my RSO purge pan. I used some heat, but I also left a fan blowing on it which seriously reduced the temperature. I don't know if this added flavor by decarbing some flavinoids, from using the everclear, or just the fact that I used Blueberry Jam. Either way, the product seems to be a success for vaporizing. For vaping with my SVD, the pictures with the iClear30 attachment, I will take that over smoking joints any day! All I did is warm the oil up a bit, added PG USP, sucked it up into a syringe, then injected it into my iClear30. Top notch, it may be the best yet. Very impressive. I will be ordering more 190 everclear, even though the Wine Chateau is now not selling it, I have patience.

QWISO BBJ 190 12 12 13 019


QWISO BBJ 190  SVD 12 12 13 031

I made the oil with the Bluebery Jam buds pictured in my previous comment.



I do not regret using a couple of ounces of my best buds of Blueberry Jam to make QWISO style hash for the purpose of making e-cannabis oil. It was well worth it. I ended up with about 8 grams of oil. I am only guessing it was two ounces of buds, I did not weigh it so that is my best guess.

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Back to the winterizing.


I didn't lose as much in the process as I thought because I let it dry more than usual to where it is a bit more concentrated, more potent.


Exact same oil. exact same procedure, they were both originally extracted with iso then rediluted and winterized, then purged.


Here is a picture showing the difference between winterizing with iso and 190 proof grain alcohol. There is no light behind the syringes so it appears that the oil is darker than what it is. The syringe on the bottom was winterized with the 190 proof grain alcohol. Winterizing iso oil is best done using 190 proof grain alcohol, like it is mentioned at SkunkPharms from a concentrate that was initially made with 99% isopropyl alcohol.

Winterized RSO 2 different solvents 2013 12230009



With a really clean starting material like I have, winterizing really is not necessary. With a more dirty, darker oil, it probably is more worthwhile. When I get the opportunity, I will have to give it a try.


Next time I do a triple rinse, I will keep that separate from the first two. The third rinse is the most dirty. Then I will winterize it. I believe it will be worth it.


With my favorite vaporizer, here is my preference. With my SVD I like to keep the voltage set at 4.8 volts permanently. The power or watts, I will increase or decrease that setting to accommodate my vaporizing needs. For some reason, I just like it set at 4.8 volts the best. For all around use, 4.8 volts seems to be the best setting.


I just tried out a new place to order my accessories from, they don't have everything I use, but for the most part, have what I do need. The prices are much better than other places, about 20% less expensive to sometimes 60% less. Free shipping and no tax, downside is it could take up to 30 days to receive the order. I just placed a good size order. I will report back on this new companies ability to supply. Now that I can order replacement heating coils for the SVD, a 5 pack for $6, I think every time I need to refill, I will clean it and just put in a new heating element. For a little over $1, may as well since a refill is more than $100 worth of oil.


I do like to check that my heating coils work before filling the clearomizer with oil. I will explain how I check the heating coils in the future.


I get a lot of people messaging me and see a lot of posts on many forums about using vegetable glycerine (VG) for vaporizing. Using VG with cannabis oil does not work well and I do not recommend it whatsoever. I have been able to fine tune my equipment and oils to where I cannot imagine it being any better than top notch oil with PG USP.


Let me throw that PG USP link up again. Many will purchase what they believe to be 100% PG USP, but there is also VG mixed in it, which is not uncommon in the e-cigarette world.

This is the only product you need to add to your concentrate to work in an e-cigarette. Minimal heat and mix well. You may want to warm and mix a couple of times to be sure it infused properly. 


That 30mL bottle of mixed e-cannabis oil, after sitting for three months, it did start to separate. I just shook it up and it has been about two weeks and it has not separated. They do more easily separate in a clearomizer with the wicks. Over time the oil or just chlorophyll likes to attach itself to the wicks. This does take weeks to happen. So, you may not want to store more than a couple weeks worth of oil in your clearomizer.


Here is the store that has the accessories much cheaper. http://www.fasttech.com/products/1411/10005988/1384000

hey even have quantity discounts! Buy 5 or more and you can get an iClear16 for less than $3. Like I said, I will report back after I receive my order. I will confirm that the parts are authentic and such.


They have the eGo C Twist batteries for $11.


I am really hoping this company pulls through, I like their prices and free delivery. I don't just vape cannabis oil, I also use e-cigarette oils so my equipment gets used a lot.


Here is a link to one of my favorite e-cigarette oils. http://www.yourecigarette.com/product-p/tobacco-liquid-nicotine-refill.htm

I get the 30mL bottles in high nicotine. I order $50 or more worth so I my order qualifies for free shipping. A 30mL bottle lasts about 10 days if I chain vape all I want. So that is about $2 per day. There are other oils out there that are less expensive to where you could get the cost down to about $1 per day or so.

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