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Revegging a harvested plant

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All this was grown using ordinary 4 foot shop lights for veg and 400watt hps for flower.

pics189.jpgpics187.jpgpics188.jpgDont believe the hype that it costs thousands to grow. with reveg and a little low stress bending. It is possible to harvest Your wieght limit as a single patient with one plant hell I had to sign my girl as my caregiver to hold on to any excess that may have put me over.You can also harvest part of the plant at a time.Also the more You leave on the plant the bigger it will be on the next cycle of reveg.


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A friend of mine acquired a plant after it had been flowered and stripped of branches. Their was only a couple bud sites left on this plant. He set plant outside and started watering again. In the fall the plant was harvested again, with a decent harvest.

I never thought the plant would reproduce.

I just cut branches on a couple mother plants that were 4' tall and 4' diameter. Topped the plants and used Vaseline to seal the open wounds. Hoping to flower the plants in a couple weeks. I only have 7' height in flower tent, so need to do something. Normally I just dispose of the mothers after awhile. Plan now is to crop the plant to keep height from getting too tall.

Will let you all know how it turns out.  

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