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The Hemperor, Jack Herer Has Died

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(SALEM, Ore.) - The sad news has been confirmed. Jack Herer, author of Emperor Wears No Clothes and renowned around the world for hemp activism, has died at 11:17 a.m. today, in Eugene, Oregon.


Jack Herer suffered a heart attack last September just after speaking on stage at the Portland HempStalk festival. The last seven months have proven to be a huge challenge to the man, with several health issues making his recovery complicated.


Jack Herer's health has been poor lately, this last week there have been reports of the severity, and an outpouring of prayers on his behalf.


"It's shocking news, even after these last seven, trying months," said Paul Stanford, THCF Executive Director.


"Jack Herer has been a good friend and associate of mine for over 30 years. I was there when he had the heart attack at our Hempstalk festival and I know he wouldn’t appreciate the quality of life he's endured these last months. Still he will be greatly missed. I honor his memory."


"No other single person has done more to educate people all across the world about industrial hemp and marijuana as Jack Herer. His book is translated into a dozen different languages, it's a bestseller in Germany," added Stanford.


"The Hempstalk stage will forever be the Jack Herer Memorial stage. And, a Memorial is planned to be built where he fell that day," Stanford said.


"His legacy will continue to inspire and encourage for generations to come."



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Oh man...I was afraid of this


We have not had any positive updates in a long time


I Love Jack Herer perhaps my biggest hero in cannabis activism


I remember in the mid-nineties calling the number in the back of Emperor Wears No CLothes and Jack picked up the phone...I was doing a persuasive speech in college on hemp and cannabis legalization. He was great and talked for several hours...into the wee hours of the morning in fact...What a great guy and for real...He lived it ...down to earth every step of the way


You will be missed Jack...

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A sad day indeed. But I'll always treasure my special memory of the first time I met Jack. It was about 20 odd years ago in Dearborn for a NORML rally. After meeting through a mutual friend Jack invited us into his motor home. As he rolled one up, he told us the story behind the shirt he was wearing--made of hemp with peyote for buttons. Most of the "buttons" were missing. Jack explained that every so often he would pull one off and have a wonderful trip. When the topic of his book came up he dug out some copies and autographed them for us. Even though he was set to speak at the rally, Jack recounted certain points in the book that we might not be familiar with. He never tired of informing others on the benefit of marijuana.


Jack touched so many people in so many ways. I hope that while Jack was still walking this Earth, he realized his profound effect on such a great cause.



I'll end this with his own words that he signed my book with.



"To Terry, Teach this information and knowledge to everyone you know every day till we win. Don't stop for anyone's feelings. If they had any feelings they'd worry about killing this planet and jailing people for smoking a flower. Love, Jack "



We'll meet again my friend...

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I used to travel with Jack alot from 89-91... He was way mad!


One time he got invited to come teach a class of collage students about hemp and its uses and he would up going off for 45 mins about his theory of the way language was composed by anchent monk to create some sort of heiracry...


I have fond memorys of the guy.. RIP




Buck Naked (Canabis Action Network 89-91)

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