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Dr Greenthumbs Sour Diesel Smoke Report

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Final Weight 3 plants---11.06 oz's

Plant #1----5.19 oz's

Plant #2----2.96 oz's

Plant #3----2.91 oz's



Smoke Report (2-3 week dry and cure)




Tester Name:

Dr Gruber, Assisted by Dr Sharpe.



Doc Greenthumb Sour Diesel (East Coast S1)



Greenthumb Seeds




Dr Gruber


Method Smoked:

Joints, glass pipes and vape.






When you run over a fresh Skunk in your car, the smell is so strong it’s like burning rubber before the more familiar skunk smell settles in. That’s how this smells.



Dominant smell of bud:

Burnt Rubber/Fuel/Skunk


Associated smells of bud:

Earthy-skunk, skunk, and skunk.




Dominant flavor:

Fuel/Burnt Rubber/Skunk


Associated flavors:



Harsh/smoothness: (1-10, 1 being extremely harsh and 10 being extremely smooth) --



- Cough factor? : Yes/no ---

Yes- This smoke is thick and it expands.



Light up and watch the wallpaper move all by itself. This stuff is very trippy but it also has a couch lock like feeling when overdone. When used sparingly this is motivational pot but only for one task at a time, don’t bother trying to multitask, it isn’t happening. I did a wake and bake and went out in public and I felt like I did back in High School. My eyes were so heavy and everything looked so fuzzy that it felt like everyone had to know I was baked. It was fun!



How I rate potency-

I try to rate potency based on what type of Pot it is…Sativa or Indica, couch lock or energetic, etc.

I gave the Cindy a 9.5 based on it being the most energetic pot I’ve ever grown. I rate the SD the same 9.5 but it is by far a more “stony” smoke then the Cindy. It hits way harder and is more trippy but not as energetic. Hope this makes sense.





Potency: (1-10, 1 being extremely weak and 10 being extremely potent)



Duration: (approx length of buzz, from first hit)

2-5 hrs


Use: Daytime/Bedtime --

Mostly bedtime but nice in the day when you have nothing to do. Take 2-hits for day time use, 4-hits or more for night time use.


Munchies: Yes/no----

Yes…and then some.



Out of all the Greenthumb gear I have grown this is my favorite by far. Not as energetic as the Cindy but way more trippy, a perfect combo of sativa/indica effects, I like this one very much. This SD is as good or better then any I’ve smoked through the years. I can’t remember any SD that was better, but I can remember a lot that wasn’t as good, like the stuff I got a few months ago form a local dispensary. Not even close.

The smell and taste is so strong that it can’t be taken anywhere without stealth measures being used. Be careful to not transfer the sticky smell from fingers to jars or baggies when transporting it or the smell will be out of control. After harvesting them, the smell on my Caregivers clothes woke his wife up from a dead sleep.


When looking at the trichs with a scope, there are a lot, but not more then anything else I’ve grown. However, when dried, the buds seem to become one big trich, it’s hard to explain but these buds seem to snap when broken- like it was made of crystal. It’s not over dry…just perfect. The smoke is thick and pungent, perfect for joints or pipes and not bad in the Vape either.





Turpentine ()

Metallic ()

Ammonia ( ) - urine () - vinegar ( )

Bleach ()

Lotions () - plastics ( ) - glues ( )

Fuel (x)

Rubber (x)



fruity () - berry () - black/blue/raspberry () citrus () - orange () - lemon ( ) - lime () - apple () - mango () - grape () - cherry () - tutty fruity ()


floral () - perfume () - blossom ()

minty () - menthol (x) - spearmint (x) - peppermint ()



woody ( ) - incense () - hardwood ( ) - sage ( ) - juniper ( ) - cedar (x) - pine (x)

basil ( ) - garlic ( ) - dill ( ) - clove () - parsley () - pepper ()

tobacco () - chocolate ()



earthy (x) - loam () - dirt () - musty () - dusty () - dry ()

animal () - bird () - rodent () - gamey () - skunk (x)

botanical () - hay () - autumn leaves ( ) - trees ()


Final Comments-

The strongest best smelling and tasting of the Doc Greenthumb strains I have grown out so far. Supper-Super Skunk/fuel taste and smell- Beef up the odor control for this one.


Medical qualities:

Great for pain relief, appetite, and depression. I vaped some last night on a high temp because I had bad back pain and it was like a wave of warmth passed over me and I slept like a baby.

I will continue to test for other medical qualities.





Pictures of Product:



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Thats why i was asking ...


Right now i have a Bubba Kush that is

Twice the Size of all the ones i harvested already ....


I thought it might have something to do w/ the way

i cloned her ? or maybe was getting better cared of ?


I really was'nt Sure ?


I've only been doing this for about a year and a half ....


and its So hard to understand everything ...

and what cause these plants to act the way they do ?


Don't feel sorry for me ... I just trying to Learn ... :thumbsu:

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I forgot to subscribe to my own thread...what a stoner.


Thanks to all for the kind words, it was really a pleasure to grow and smoke.

To answer Tarzens question.... I didnt flush them fast enough and two of them got nute lockout and burned up a bit, but I did get to the 3rd plant in time and it stayed nice and green all the way through flower.If i hadnt made that mistake I sure the others would have yeilded about the same.


Erin Go Braugh- Ireland forever------DG

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