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My First Attempt At A Bubble Bucket


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I guess that wasnt the way to post a pic. Well you can look at my pics in my profile. This was the first time I grew train wreck and the first time I grew in a bubble bucket. Actually this was my first out of dirt experience. But definitely not the last. I actually put a OG Bubba Kush in the bucket today.




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It can and it did for me on this one. It was easy and cheap to get this plant as big as this. I only used Flora Nova one-part Grow and and the one-part bloom. Nutes once a week and a whole lotta water in between. She was drinking close to 2 gallons a day at the end. Definitely gonna be doing a few more in bubbles. I already have a OG Bubba Kush in bubbles as I write this. I will definitely let ya's know how many grams she is when she dries. Definitely gonna have a few to spare ;););):rock:

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I got a clone from a buddy and he ordered the seeds from :D goldenseed.nl I was going on the cheap cause I didnt know what the heck some bubbles could possibly do. Well now I know and so do all of you. I always super crop and pinch the tops of my plants. I get big plants that way and Bigger yeilds. This plant was under 2 1000w hps with 9 other plants half her size in a 10x10 room. The 9 other were in dirt. And they each yeilded 4 to 5 ounces dried and cured. All in different stages of course. Dont want to go over my count in any way shape or form.


The info on this strain


Genetics: E32 Arcata Trainwreck clone x Mexican,x Afghani and Thai genetics

Variety: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Effect: Very powerful high, confusing and trippy on the brain.

Potency: 10+ out of 10

Yield: 2/3 ounces

Stature: Average high

Phenotype: Sativa/indica mix 90% 10%

Indoor: 55 to 70 days Outdoor: Mid October

Characteristics: Unique smell and taste

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