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Tarzan's Tutti-Fruity


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I have a 12 meg coolpic and man takes such nice shoots. I miss it lord. Yeap that girl is purty. I just tossed a mpl #4 into bloom but she's still short so wont throw nothing but tease color. Should be going total purple in 30 days so will have to get a cam here soonest. Got a mpl # 3 pheno that turns super purple too so will have both again shortly. :devil:

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Thanks Everyone for your Great Comments :bighug:



Any guesses as to what this will test out at?


Im Guessing in the High 30's ....LoL


As Soon as it Drys ,

I want to get you a sample to test ...



Really pretty!

You didn't get your genetics from George at the Jackson FM, did you?



Yes , I did get those from an Older Couple

at the Jacksons Farmers Market ....


I believe i paid $50 for it ....


It was over 3 foot tall and Worth EVERY DOLLAR ... :thumbsu:


It was dated 6/2011 , w/ a White Tag ....


This was the ONLY Plant i ever Bought in Jackson ...

It was a very Healthy Plant ....


Many are looking foward to tasting her ....


It took Jane 8 hours to harvest her ...


she was up till 2 am in the morning .... :thumbsu:

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