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Renee Wolf Passes Away At 4:20 Pm Today 9/11/12

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I spent all night, last light, at the bed side of a good friend.


Her heart had stopped twice. The first time for as long as 30 minuets. They had managed to get a pulse back both times.


The whole evening, I explained the best way that I could to the medical staff that I had material with me that just might be able to reverse some of the damage.


I told them about GW pharmaceutical. About their new product currently going through phase three FDA trials. A blend of THC and CBD. How I had a crude blend of THC and CBD with me at that moment.


I told him how THIS patient had been told more than 20 years ago that she needed CBD. And that CBD had just barely became available in Michigan.


Instead of letting me help her, as soon as I was out of the area, they convinced her son to pull the ventilator plug.


Most of her adult life, she had been waiting ..


Had I tried to help, they would have called the police.


It was her doctor, as the first MS patient ever tested with government issued marijuana, that had told her to seek out this non psychoactive compound, only produced inside the marijuana plant, called CBD.


The doctors that treated her did very very well , with what they had to offer. They simply don't know.


There will be a memorial at Green Bee. (probably 7/23)



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