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Need A Land Contract.


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Some of you may remember the bad year I had in 2011. If not heres a quick recap. I lost my daughter in may

both my vehicles blew up one in august and one in sept. Then to end the year in Nov. consumers power backfed electricity

through my house that we owned and fried all my power wires. So we had to find a rental house to live in untill

we could afford to rewire our house. Well going from no monthly payment to 600 dollars a month for rent really

put alot of strain on our finances. With a high rent we werent able to keep our patients cause of the electric bill. 

So I have been working with just my girls and my own numbers. And still we struggled to save up some money to fix

our other house. But we did manage to pull through. So we startrd on a rewire and decided to fix a couple bad spots on

the floor. So we ripped into it and come to find out every floor joist in the house is rotted and covered in mold which has

already traveled into the walls. So now our plan to fix it up has got to be put on hold for awhile.


Which now brings me here to ask if anyone here knows somebody or might have themselves a home that I could purchase

from them on a land contract. We would need a 3 bed 1+ bathroom. With either a garage or pole barn and a private back yard.

I would prefer a country setting with lots of woods. But I will entertain any and all offers. My girl has a good job as a manager of

a company in Reese Mi. And I am applying to dissability for back, shoulder,wrist and elbow problems(Carried too many buckets of concrete when waterproofing basements when i was younger). Her daughter and grand daught also live with us so there is some

extra income. We would like to stay within a half hour radius at the most from Reese Mi. But again we will entertain any and all

offers and locations. This might be a long shot but I need to get my eyes and ears out as far as I can so I can find a home for me

and mine. And I know I have some friends on here that will at least keep an eye and ear out for me. I do appreciate your time  for

reading my post. Thank you and have good day.





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I am a friend wozer, for sure, but I don't know about any deals like you are needing.  You wouldn't like our county anyways!  Ha Ha Ha!!!  I believe you will find the right place, and soon!  It is best to get away from all the mold, etc. as you know, you have enough on your plate.  From what I hear it is getting easier to get on disabilty.  I hope you get some benefits if you have them coming Wozer.  Someone has the perfect place for you, I am sure!  Best to you and yours, my friend!


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darn dude.


Not much I can do, even if I could all of my people are in the Detroit area.


Someone please help this guy out. He is good people.


With all of the hardship you have endured, I have to believe something good is in your future man.


Lots of luck, and best wishes.


If you are ever in the Detroit area please hit me up.

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thanks, I could sense the need in this one, and this house just sits there with the heat on low, and one visit per year, now that mums is in a home. I listed it for awhile, but seems the market is flooded. If I had a girlfriend, she'd live there, but Asian chicks mostly avoid me ?? so, till then, I pay the heat bill. would be nice to help someone from the community, as opposed to placing a craigslist ad.

peace out

Wonderful offer grassmatch, good looking out man.


Awesome news wozer, I hope it works out very well for you and yours :bighug:

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I found a L/C house. Been here for 4 months now.

Its a 3 bed 2 story with a balcony and a full large basement .

It sits on an acre of semi private land with a 4 car  garage

and an unused well house big enough to convert into a grow 

room or a small apartment with a loft bedroom.. It was move

in ready except I had to put new water lines in and some cleaning.

The house has had  a new roof and windows in the last 2 years.

I also had to clean a lot of garbage out of the garage which is where

I found 16 rolls of linoleum that I sold on craigslist for 830 dollars.

And I got all this on a l/c for  15,000. And its out of that scary

azzed city of Saginaw and in a really decent neighborhood.

Life is good today :D



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Bad Azz move man !! good to hear it, and I'm excited for you with the linoleum score !!



Yea I know. The house also came with a fiberglass speed boat on a trailer

minus the motor and a tire. It needs repair but I think it would be a good boat

if someone were to put a lil bit into it. Had it on craigs but not a lot of interest.



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