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A Patient Left June 1 To Grow And Now Has Second Thoughts, And Wants To Know, "

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dont go over your limits, dont let the kids see your room, if any one asks them what it looks like they wont be able to explain how it looks, lock it and your good to go, we had a cps case open in the middle of the grow, they never looked around my house and my kids are educated about mm!


but most of all


Loose Lips Sink Ships!


have fun be safe!




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Loose Lips Sink Ships! i agree with Jim 

 But theirs  no plant count in Sec 8 is what i have been told by most Lawyers 


But one sunday afternoon about 3 weeks ago when Leo came over to my house knocking on the front door i didn't open it for them i saw them out side as they walked around to the back yard and open the driveway  gate i have windows you can see out but can't see in so i was able to watch their every move they even tried to open the screen door on my patio door wall and tried to open the door but i had it locked    

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It's a legitimate risk.  Good luck.


One person I'm friendly with had CPS investigate their home in relation to a custody hearing; he has a child, is a grower, CPS was aware of the situation and it was a non-issue.  The grow was in compliance with the law, best I understand it.


Take that with a grain of salt, as I wasn't present and it isn't my situation; I heard the story at a later date.


But if you think about it... that could really become a real life issue for the person who is asking, and maybe they lose custody of their children.

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