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Dr. Mullen

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I went to the Plymouth office 1115 South Main Street and they were remodeling the building for another business.I called the number to this office from my cell to a number disconnected message.I called the 24hr number and she had no information.I then called his Jackson office to a number disconnected,looks like they finally did in a good man.I have stayed with him since I started using the medication and liked that he was a family man and that he had a lawyer brother and kept right on any changes made to the law.I was his last patient that day and the girl just before me tried to get approval with no"obvious" issues and no paperwork to back up her claims and the Doc sent her packing with her check in hand and she WAAAAS pissed! 


I knew I was in good hands with an honest doctor as Mr. BILL.......Schuette was on a ARREST EVERYONE kick and didn't want any trouble for me & my family.


Now it appears that one of two things have happened,they "FOUND" a way to get him for something or the man has died,I pray neither is the case.


I asked a plumber that pulled up if he knew what became of the doctor that practiced there,he told me he had no idea.




(editor @ michigan marijuana news.com 

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i saw he moved out of plymouth. that location was very nice and close. doh.


hes my friends dr. i actually contacted his lawyer brother ( http://www.rmalawyer.com/) and asked where he moved to.

his lawyer brother told me hes still got an office at the van dyke medical center.


heres the current addy , i saw dr mullen a month ago at van dyke and i called the office earlier today to get my friend an appt. i can verify yes, he is still practicing, still certifying/renewing and still a great dr that still cares about his patients.


i think hes there fridays until 3pm.


dr ernest a mullen

van dyke medical center

19431 Van Dyke St.

Detroit, MI



i wish he had a website or better place to call lol.

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