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Requesting Positive Energy For My Mom.

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just got off the phone with mom.


turns out she found out yesterday afternoon she has skin cancer.  it is the Squamous cell carcinoma I believe so there is a really good outlook.


I am going to take her tomorrow to have it removed.


I would respectfully request any and all Prayers, good thoughts, and positive energy that can be mustered.



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thank you all so much.

it means a lot to me that people are willing to send strong energy and good vibes...


thank you all I know it will help.


I will let you all know how it goes..


I appreciate all the kindness and support.


thank you everyone.



I thought we could as a community utilize this as a learning opportunity.


does skin cancer qualify a person for use with cannabis?

if this new skin cancer is removed would she qualify for certification to help the removal site heal better?

is there a preventative oral or topical dose of cannabis that a multiple cancer survivor might utilize?

is that preventative dose cause for an approval for certification?

I know cannabis is approved for use with cancer patients but once the cancer has been surgically removed how long of a follow up with a cannabis type treatment might a person expect to need? is it restricted to the time the person is using the traditional cancer medications?


I suppose I am asking because someone just asked me this past weekend at the gathering about using a preventative dose of cannabis ingested orally.


seemed like a logical concept.

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Surround her with the white light.  


Bring about balance within her aura, which will reflect back onto her physical body. 


It's MUCH harder to do without detachment, but you can do it!!!


I will be sending her all the energy I am able today.







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