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Htg Led Lights

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I have not done it myself but i have seen some impressive results also

I have seen some on other forums and youtube. I am going to try a 4 light fixture with my 300 watt led. im using multi spectrum for the t5s. I wanted to get a 6 bulb but was afraid it would be too tight of a squeez in the tent.

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I veg with a badboy 482 watt T5's and love it. cheap long lasting bulbs, little heat, and awesome light to work under.

It replaced my 400 watt metal halide, for good.


when I tried them in flower my leaf brix readings were always off compared to the others under hps/mh hid's. They grew pretty, and did stone, but though lacked light penetration for taller, or bushier plants, and grew best in a scrog for me (t5)

I suspected the light was just not intense enough to compare to the photosynthesis offered by the hid's, and never really burned their available carbs efficiently, at least in comparison. Commercial growers use only HID(and some newer tech) lights in flower, but I do see our beloved T5's in their veg rooms !


LED let me down in flower too, but worked fine in veg, till one light after another stopped working. some people have great experiences to report form using both. I've yet to see lab results of a comparison grow.

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