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Power Outage?


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Hey guys I have a few plants that have been growing since June in flower 12/12 they are around 6 ft tall One is a Sour Diesel which was kinda  mutant but has one nice big bug at the top looks nice. The other 2 are a sativa which I cannot remember they were freebies from attitude. They haven't had the best of condition but were looking good. There trichs are all cloudy with an occasional amber. Orange hairs on them. My question is do you think they are good enough. I wanted to go a little longer but with the power out Sunday, Monday and back on tues day they were in the dark. I just left them so they are coming down. Do you think they will be alright meds. They are pretty sticky and smell nice. I do not get the diesel like smell I hear people say about the diesels. This one smells more like lemons. Anyway what do you guys think. Kinda late now but just wanted some opinions.

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thanks guys I went up there last night and they both look really good. I think they will be fine for sure. Gotta get to trimming and hanging so they will be ready in a month or 2. I figured cloudy on sativas was good. I just should not grow them I do not have the height , I should have trained them down I guess lol 

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I built my drying room to spec from the medical grow bible, with temperature, humidity, and filtered air movement. When 75% of the weight, (water) is removed from the plant material, it is ready to consume. I have a hanging scale at the top of my dry rack and can see it daily.

 It always, without fail, takes less than 8 days to perform, and meds are never better than that day, in our opinion of course. They find, as I do, that we lose valuable terpenes. Some people prefer their meds with more thc degradation, for the effect, others not so much. I like my herb just like any other herb I grow, fresh, and full of original contents.  "curing" will make a carb/mag loaded herb taste better, as the sugars are broken down, but with organic feeding this is a moot point. Like outside, bird poop and worms are gradually reduced until harvest, with a little rainy season, then dry, cold for a bit, then harvest. I try to keep the inside, like the outside.


If it takes longer than a week our two for 75% of the water weight to evaporate from the herb, temps and humidity are an issue, and can be problematic.

I say do what works for you best. I am glad I followed that book though, as I've had NONE of the issues that I read about everywhere, in the grow, or dry room.


peace all

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post-35225-0-63831700-1385306889_thumb.jpg  post-35225-0-73658300-1385306980_thumb.jpg


there are small ceramic light bulb type heaters at the pet store. they screw in and are very effective at keeping a small tented type area warm and dry. They can be plugged into a thermostat or even a humidistat. even a small low power dehumidifier will make huge changes. To get the absolute best experience possible I believe these parameters need to be met. a 2x2 grow tent makes a fine drying rack area, easily controlled too.

you might thank me later...

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