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Should Marijuana Be Regulated Like Alcohol?


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Should Marijuana Be Regulated Like Alcohol?


USA -- A domino effect driven by more available information is expanding acceptance of and support for reform of U.S. marijuana policy -- whether for medical or adult recreational use.


"What's driving this growth in support is an increase in information about issue," said Mason Tvert, communications director for the Marijuana Policy Project in Denver. "More information is available now than ever before; it's talked about more than ever before and more support grows for ending the prohibition."


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Holy Moly !! Brace yourselves !


"For the first time in history, states have the right to regulate marijuana cultivation and sales"


Reps. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., also a co-sponsor of the Rohrabacher initiative, introduced the "Marijuana Tax Equity Act," which would establish a federal excise tax for marijuana sales, similar to the so-called sin tax on alcohol."

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the "Foods" that make you sick, and the "Drugs", used to treat those illnesses. but with many of the industries changing out their key players before and after fda determinations, this leads many to believe the fox is guarding the henhouse there.


Most EVERY FDA approved drug has killed Americans, hundreds and thousands of times. Most FDA approved foods have also killed Americans, by the millions.

Many ingredients in both caution death as a "side effect"


Incidentally, in chemistry class there are no "side effects", only "desired" and "undesired" ones.

If Americans could end our insatiable lust for both of their approved product lines, this would all end, favorably.  Nobody is Lipitor deficient.

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So much for throwing more money at them in the form of additional tax revenues? A government that exists on selling arms, dangerous drugs with no treatment besides incarceration or death is not a healthy proposition for the citizenry.


There should be no tax on Medicinal Cannabis. If anything it should possibly be subsidized by the Alcohol, Tobacco and Insurance Corporations. 

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