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Zeitgeist was created as a non-profit filmiac expression to inspire people to start looking at the world from a more critical perspective and to understand that very often things are not what the population at large think they are.


Zeitgeist is a German word that translates to "spirit of the times". It starts out pretty slow but gets very interesting as it goes on. I particularly enjoy the section on the Federal Reserve.


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I like this series except The Venus Project seems a little like imprisioning people, just not behind bars.

Might have to come to that though when resources get scarce.


I liked the Addendum as it explains the banking/monetary system.  If that doesn't open peoples eyes,

not sure what will! 

Zeitgeist Addendum


This is the newest in the series for those interested.

Zeitgeist Moving Forward:



edit to fix vid link

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Thanks for those other two imiubu!


I had seen the original some time ago but wasn't aware of the sequels. Just had time to watch the second one and loved it.


I don't think I've seen things explained so clearly and concisely in all my life. It should be required viewing in social studies classes.

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Thanks for those other two imiubu!


I had seen the original some time ago but wasn't aware of the sequels. Just had time to watch the second one and loved it.


I don't think I've seen things explained so clearly and concisely in all my life. It should be required viewing in social studies classes.



You are welcome, and I concur :)

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There were vast fortunes to be made - and lost - on the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo. The Stock Exchange in London was at fever pitch as traders awaited news of the outcome of this battle of the giants. If Britain lost, English consuls would plummet to unprecedented depths. If Britain was victorioug, the value of the consul would leap to dizzying new heights.

As the two huge armies closed in for their battle to the death, Nathan Rothschild had his agents working feverishly on both sides of the line to gather the most accurate possible information as the battle proceeded. Additional Rothschild agents were on hand to carry the intelligence bulletins to a Rothschild command post strategically located nearby.

Late on the afternoon of June 15, 1815, a Rothschild representative jumped on board a specially chartered boat and headed out into the channel in a hurried dash for the English coast. In his possession was a top secret report from Rothschild's secret service agents on the progress of the crucial battle. This intelligence data would prove indispensable to Nathan in making some vital decisions.

The special agent was met at Folkstone the following morning at dawn by Nathan Rothschild himself. After quickly scanning the highlights of the report Rothschild was on his way again, speeding towards London and the Stock Exchange.






Arriving at the Exchange amid frantic speculation on the outcome of the battle, Nathan took up his usual position beside the famous 'Rothschild Pillar.' Without a sign of emotion, without the slightest change of facial expression the stony-faced, flint eyed chief of the House of Rothschild gave a predetermined signal to his agents who were stationed nearby.

Rothschild agents immediately began to dump consuls on the market. As hundred of thousands of dollars worth of consuls poured onto the market their value started to slide. Then they began to plummet.

Nathan continued to lean against 'his' pillar, emotionless, expressionless. He continued to sell, and sell and sell. Consuls kept on falling. Word began to sweep through the Stock Exchange: "Rothschild knows." "Rothschild knows." "Wellington has lost at Waterloo."

The selling turned into a panic as people rushed to unload their 'worthless' consuls or paper money for gold and silver in the hope of retaining at least part of their wealth. Consuls continued their nosedive towards oblivion. After several hours of feverish trading the consul lay in ruins. It was selling for about five cents on the dollar.

Nathan Rothschild, emotionless as ever, still leaned against his pillar. He continued to give subtle signals. But these signals were different. They were so bubtly different that only the highly trained Rothschild agents could detect the change. On the cue from their boss, dozens of Rothschild agents made their way to the order desks around the Exchange and bought every consul in sight for just a 'song'!

A short time later the 'official' news arrived in the British capital. England was now the master of the European scene.

Within seconds the consul skyrocketed to above its original value. As the significance of the British victory began to sink into the public consciousness, the value of consuls rose even higher.

Napoleon had 'met his Waterloo.' Nathan had bought control of the British economy. Overnight, his already vast fortune was multiplied twenty times over.

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a little more reading and this came up. we got some name changing going on here.


The House of Bauer (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha changed its name to the House of Windsor )at the start of WW1

The Duke of Edinburgh (Lord Mountbatten) changed his name from Battenburg.

Gorbachov changed his name from Orbach-Korbach

Stalin changed his name from Iosiph David Vissarionovich Djugashvili-Kochba

The Bush family changed their name from Bosch

Hitler came from Hiedler from SCHICKELGRUBER and connected to Rothschild

J.P. Morgan changed his name from Morgantaler

Rockefeller changed his name from Rogdenfelder

Hillary Rotham Clinton changed her name from Rodenhurst

John Kerry's father changed his name from Fritz Kohn

Rothschild changed his name from Bauer

Mark Rich who was pardonned by Clinton changed his name from Reich

Christian Rakovsky changed his name from Chaim Rakover

Clinton changed his name from Winthrop Rockefeller Jr

Lenin's name was changed from Moishe Blank

Perry changed his name from Pereira-Perez

Madeleine Albright changed her name from ......

Every ever operating national communist party in the world has been lead by Zionists, from 1900 to the 60's. Leon Trotsky (Lev Bornstein, Zinoview (Hirsch Apfelbaum), Kamreov (Rosenfeld). Outside of Russia Aptecker, Goldman, Kun, Luxenbourg. Of the quasi cabinet of the USSR 1917 all 24 were Zionists, all had changed their names. The Soviet Central Committee in 1935 consisted of 56 Zionists and three Christians married to Zionists every one of them had changed their names to hide their Jewish ancestry.

Principal American pornography producers are: Braterman, Bone, Fischbein, Freiberg, Fine, Weinstein, Freelander, Holander, Gottesman, Hirsh, Apostein, Ornstein, Rothstein, Sturman, Tanner, Weston, for thought.

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