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Harvest This?


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So im back at my buddies, checking things out.

His plants are kinda scraggly, but healthy.

No idea the strain... any ideas?


He wants to cut them down, like yesterday.

I told him to wait another few days/ week until at least 50% hairs are brown.


He wants 'second opinion'.


So.. whats your opinion?




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Already went down that road and it was a negative on the zoom zoom.


He said something about checking with neighbors.


Thanks for the validation on the brown hairs.  Would you agree 50% is a good number?


He is saying they havent changed colors at all in a week.


I typically harvest between 75-85% red hairs, depending upon the strain.


I would not cut mine down earlier than 70% unless that is a personal preference for a more uppity, low yielding, weak strain.



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he says he doesnt know how long its been

I tried to clone it for him about a month ago, and he said he went to flower after that.  The clones didnt root. (even used the 'good hormone' the shop told me)

They stayed alive, but never grew, and after 3 weeks i checked, and no roots.   *scratch head*.


So, now its in flower.... never had any luck getting one (clone) to revert back to veg.

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