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What Co's Pot Shops Look Like Jan 6: Busted In Denver

pic book

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"Polar Vortex"


hi pic book and other toasty michiganders!


the only article regarding this issue that I could find was from november.


how about this news: it's -16 outside of my house right now!

(no that doesn't include the wind chill factor)

stay warm people

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This is all I could find that was recent. Apparently another satire site.




Here is the site they refer to, the home page has a new story about pot shops taking food stamps.




There's also a good one about a "weed for guns buyback".


It just seemed like the right thing to do,” said shop owner JC Franco. “We were able to find an anonymous donor willing to fund the program and all confiscated guns will be destroyed by the Denver Police Department. What better way to get guns off the streets of Denver than trading them for free weed? I mean which would you prefer, a dangerously armed high-tension mountain man, or an unarmed stoned mountain man? Seems like a no-brainer to me.” - See more at: http://nationalreport.net/colorado-pot-shop-announces-weed-guns-program/#sthash.9cK14ule.dpuf

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come on fellas lol, I like satires as much as the next guy, but when we qoute them as real it is kinda disapointing lol, but last time I was directed there I spent some time in there reading some funny stuff lmao!


Thanks w.b for getting to the bottom of it, I was about to quote zap, but not in such a nice way as he did, I have to remember the link so I know its just satire and not real!



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