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Can Anyone Id A Strain?


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Buddy of mine brought over a jar of this stuff, and i have never smelled anything like it in my life.

He has no clue what it is. 


Best way I can describe the smell....

If you make a cup of tea, add about 3 tsp of sugar....    It smells like the tea.   It has NO skunky smell to it at all.   Its.... almost like heaven.





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Kinda looks like northern lights.


That was my thoughts. But if it came from bag seed and has a pronounced tea flavor it may be a commercial Mexican strain. Some folks might think this is a bad thing but if you think about it, in order to be commercially viable it would have to be a good producer and be reasonably potent.


In my experience Mexican gets it's bad rep from sub-standard curing methods. The cannabis itself is good but when it's cured by throwing it in garbage bags until it gets a light coat of mold and then pressed into bricks it loses a little something. :thumbsd:


Sounds nasty but I've seen it done.

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   It has NO skunky smell to it at all.   Its.... almost like heaven.


um, I've been to heaven............and believe me, it smells EXACTLY like skunk there ! :bong7bp:


 needed more light, more time, and better care, before the premature cut most likely. I've broken branches off at 25 days flowering that returned the same verdict. To the rabbits with the hay !

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this is the stuff he said he found in the med bag a few months back and grew with a shop light to see what would happen.

So far he isnt upset or disappointed with what it turned out like.  Being his first grow, ill cut him some slack.


He does have the second plant still in the dirt, and it looks much healthier, though its no where near its potential.  Maybe a half ounce dry when its done.  MAYBE.

But what is there is nice and absolutely COVERED in Tri's.


Im going to manicure his next harvest and give him some tips.


I may still pursue becoming a CG and growing for him with the right equip, but i need to figure out some other legal things before i do that.


I value my hunting and 2nd amendment alot....

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