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Felonies And Being A Patient

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I have a felony from 4 years ago from when I was 19 for growing in an apartment. I got my card for being a patient after that no problem and was able to be a caregiver for five people for a while till they found out about the felony. I don't think I recieved a new patient card that said I couldn't grow my own so I am curious. Can I grow my own ?

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I was actually under Hyta probation when they sent me the letters telling me I could not be a CG anymore, but yes I knew if the felony was gonna be on my record I would not be able to be a CG. I missed 1 out of 23 probation call ins. Because of that one that I did not call in for I got slapped with the felony. Hoping that in another year will be able to get it expunged from my record. If I got a felony expunged would I be able to be a CG again ? Thanks!

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