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Cannatonic #4


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I'm in the Metro Detroit area.  I called Arborside earlier and unfortunately they did not have any available.  I emailed their grower and am still awaiting a reply.  I wasn't sure how reliable they were so I thought I'd come here.  Guess I might be being a little impatient. 

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a little?

it's not burger king.

there are folks on here with what you want.  just chill, man, or convince us all u r narc. 

hey 2 posts and you come in asking us for clones?

we do not have any idea you are ok.  post a little and take it easy.

geeeeeerz.   a whole 2 posts, now I'm your bro?

what is appropriate is telling us why this #4, how you use it, how it benefits you and yer medical qualifying condition.

get it?

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My apologies.  I didn't know the threat of narcs was an issue on these forums.  


I am on these forums on behalf of my father, who is a caregiver.  I am not one, and I am not a patient.  


It is my understanding that cannatonic #4 is a strain with a high amount of cannabidiol and a very low amount of thc.  This is very beneficial for patients with mental issues that are exacerbated by the psychoactive effects of thc.  I'm just trying to help my dad find some of this medicine for his patients and for himself.  

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I don't personally know of any instances where persons from this or any other cannabis forum have been arrested dues to what has been posted.

That doesn't mean it has or hasn't happened.

I am more inclined to think that social media, forums and the like would be a great place for leo to discover people activities and I always have.

Recently there have been articles about this subject and it has been verified I think... on a larger scale.

To think they don't use forums is a fools errand imho.





pic, don't you start with me.

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