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Police Arrest Two For Medical Marijuana Facebook Business


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On a Facebook page for the business, police said there were multiple photographs of marijuana plants they were growing and money they received through transactions.


 Tewksbury police used social media to locate two people allegedly running an illegal medical marijuana operation they advertised through a Facebook page.

Police said they learned that the suspects were claiming to be running a legal medical marijuana operation out of their home called HTM Gardening, LLC.

Following their investigation, police arrested Mark Harrington, 28, and Holly Harrington, 28, both Tewksbury residents, on a laundry list of drug charges related to their online business.


“We provide delivery of medicinal marijuana to certified patients in Massachusetts. We have a great selection of different strains to fit your medical needs,” the HTM Gardening, LLC, Facebook page said, according to police.

Tewksbury police said they consulted with law enforcement experts, and members of the Department of Public Health on what they called a “complex issue.”

“Detectives confirmed that a person who has been given ‘caregiver status’ can only grow marijuana for one person who has a medical marijuana card and cannot offer the drug for sale,” Tewksbury police said.

“In addition, the marijuana plants that are being grown cannot be visible or accessible to the public.”

On the Facebook page, Mark Harrington was listed as CEO, co-founder and president of HTM Gardening, LLC.

Officers called a number that was listed on the page and requested to buy marijuana. Mark and Holly Harrington met with the detective and sold him marijuana.

After the transaction, police requested a search warrant for their Patten Road home. The warrant yielded a large amount of marijuana and prescription pills, as well as edible marijuana products.

Mark Harrington was arrested on 12 drug-related charges, including unlawful manufacturing, cultivation and distribution of marijuana.

Holly Harrington faces nine drug charges following the incident.



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this seems ironic...i was just discussing prison reform today with a friend of mine..


from now on i think all prisons should be a place where once sent there you must attend classes for 12-14 hours a day.


English, math, reading, writing, how to dress, how to act, how to live a normal crime free life


PE required and no exceptions on all day classes.


prison should be a place where a criminal dreds going....


i used to dred school.


give them the forced education and watch them scatter like bugs in the light...


send them to prison with a new confidence that they may emerge better people.

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brains I cant vouche for prison other than what friends tell me, but I can vouche for stays in county and what I see there are criminals for life, planning and plotting how not to get caught next time, bragging about laws that have been broken, people knowing people from their last stay there,


Ive been told prison is better, your not stuck in a cell all day, you can wonder around your area (as long as you dont go around others that are not your kind) they have one heck of a black market, you can continue your habbits, no  shitters in the cell. um cable t.v, classes, sounds like a summer camp to me vs county time!


not that I want either again, but im afriad with my long sheet no matter what I do wrong will send me to the pen, and not so fast I will prob do a yr in county waiting for the pen!  the worst of both worlds.



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