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'wa' State : 2 Mos In, Little Product, Few Stores. *casino V Compassionate Methodology Favored


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Marijuana legal but often scarce in Washington state


Trevor Hughes, USA Today


"SEATTLE – A little more than two months after Washington launched recreational marijuana sales, you'd be hard pressed to stumble upon any pot shops in the state's biggest city: Until this weekend, only one marijuana store was open in Seattle, and getting there required a trek through industrial developments far from downtown.

And when you reach the store, you might not find any pot on the shelves.



* re: Casino Capitalism: "It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that "casino capitalism" is one of the very worst and lowest expressions of the human spirit. 


**also related:  "Washington Sells $127,000 A Day In Legal Marijuana"  ....first day.  by Bobntory



also related:  "Dea Raids In Washington Show Weakness Of Medical Marijuana Law"  ...a little help from your FEDs 

by Bobntory

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"$45 for a 2-gram joint" :startle:


In Washington, recreational marijuana must be grown by a licensed farmer, processed by a licensed processor and then transferred to a separate retailer. Retailers can't grow the marijuana they sell, and aren't allowed to open the packages its pot comes in. They also cannot have any connection with the state's far-less regulated medical marijuana industry.


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I was out in Seattle a couple weeks ago and saw absolutely no signs of cannabis, rec or med. Had to resort to smoking what we brought with us at the dog park in Belltown with the homeless folks. This was after we got spoken to about smoking on our balcony at the condo we rented. What a completely unfriendly city Seattle is when it comes to cannabis.

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and seattle has not changed.  i went to college there in 1971-1973 and the dorm RA told my roommate he would grow hair on his hands if he kept smoking weed.  Hey Rob, are you still shaving your hands?  Rob's family ran the the Portland Farmer's market for cut flowers, and had long greenhouses where they grew florist flowers.  Their weed was grown in the back of a horse pasture.  My first organic smoke.

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