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Cops Have Seized Over A Billion Dollars From Americans Using Little Known Law

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(TheAntiMedia) RT recently did a report on how frequently police commit robbery under the pretext of ‘civil forfeiture’.

Footage was released of an officer saying “you’re going to be walking away from this money and abandoning it here”. You can watch the video below:


The victim said a few protesting confused words that were inaudible, and the officer promptly interrupted him to say,

“I don’t have to prove my case on the side of the road, this happens every day, i do this every single day”.

So apparently every single day that cop filled his pockets with the hard earned blood, sweat, and tears of the victims of his traffic stops, lining his pockets with their federal reserve notes with no concern for the victim, operating of course with impunity. Image credit: Gus Burns

What he did was completely legal, and beyond completely immoral, a perfect example of how the law is not always aligned with morality, or rather most frequently far out of line with general morality and good.


Civil forfeiture allows cops to confiscate anything they want from anyone, if anything is ‘suspected’. There is no need for a warrant, court order, or anything for these cops to rob you.



Lawyer David Smith says,

“A lot of those local seizures are bad seizures, they are abusive, they are lawless, they do them because their police department gets the money, so it’s kind of like, we call it a bounty hunter system, many police departments have become dependent on these forfeiture funds for large part of their budget “.

About 70,000 seizures have been made since 9/11, the grand excuse for more abuse and parasitic behavior towards the American people on behalf of the US government.

It is estimated that the police departments of America have seized over a billion dollars total from civil forfeiture, far more than double the amount they had confiscated total before 9/11.

There are a million things that the police can do and say to have an excuse to straight up rob you.

I hope this was some good food for thought, and that this might have taught you to beware of officers trying to rob you for no reason under the guise of civil forfeiture.

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