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Can Health Care Worker Get Id?

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Hey all. Heard a long time ago that health care workers can not get their medical marijuana cards. Although now I can't seem to find anything about this. I work at a hospital but don't actually do patient care anymore. And I don't plan on using it while at work, mostly before bed  or when I'm in absolute pain. 


Can anyone enlighten me on this?




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its important for you TO get a card. since, as a health professional, if you are convicted of any drug crime, you automatically lose your license according to michigan law.


just look at this story of a pharmacist in michigan who thought 'he couldnt get a card' because he was licensed by the state as a pharmacist.



Jeannie Vogel, spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, said when contacted Wednesday that a person's profession is not considered when applying for a Michigan medical marijuana card.


In addition, Vogel said, "the identity of a person with a medical marijuana card is confidential, so we would not know if they have a card when they apply for licensure."

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Thanks for the replies everyone. I guess the hospital very rarely ever drug tests but I'm quite accident prone so my luck I'd fall down the stairs and have to test. My manager is pretty good with listening about things and figuring out next steps so I'm sure if I explained it to her she'd understand and put me in touch with the right people. I just don't know if the raise in heart rate would be worth trying the marijuana. Thats one of my biggest problems. Wish I could try it prior to going through all the trouble. 

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If you are completely out of the loop (no one you know)... several places (certification) will actually see & serve you on the same day. You will get a doc's rec & ur application pack, and will need to mail it in, but they will serve you at a dispensary, depending on which you go to. That should cost you 75-100.


However, that docs rec isn't very strong in the event you have a legal snafu. It is a means to an end however, and will allow for you to sample before actually submitting a formal app through the State. Blah, blah, blah on how technically legal this is... its a somewhat safe way to do what you asked about. I'd follow up w a better doc's rec & application however, if you choose to formalize it.


You will bebgetting dispensary meds however... dont smoke anything they give you for free. It will be hit or miss on the quality, even on paid meds. Ask them for their personal choice on a really clean burning product. And even still, it will be hit or miss on the actual effect you will personally experience...each person reacts uniquely to each sample.

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