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Electric Pruning Shears

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scissor up man. fiskars makes the black and grey spring action return and they last me four years. I can trim 15 ounces of fresh bud in about an hour by hand. No misunderstandings, this 15 ounces of wet bud, after losing 75% of its water weight in about five days, will weigh closer to four ounces. Problem comes with larger outdoor/indoor cropping, what a pain by hand. I'd rent the trimmer form the local grow store if stuck with that.......but who does that anyways right, that kind of weight would put us over quickly. ;)


if stuck with arthritis or another, .......the spin pro is what my one handed patient used when he was able to grow for himself. I watched him do it, seemed easy enough, with fair results.  hobby lobby has a cheap little set that plugs in, maybe take a look there.


good luck

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It takes me 3 to 4 hours with my og kush and my double trouble.i use hand pruners and ive seen vidios of electric pruners and they were amazing.croping is the hardest of the prosess and looking to help my prosesss.ive been using this site for 2 years and have had amazing results.thanks for the help all you know who you are .putting outc3 plus zones of seedless fruit  :bong2:  :))  :beerhat:

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