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If I infuse whole milk with an oily preparation of cannabis, then add vinegar, mix and strain out and keep the resulting casein,


Will the Casein contain/retain the active oily active ingredients, or would it wash away with the excess milk ?


anyone please?  before I waste my preparation thereofs or make a 'splosion or sumpin' :drinking-coffee:

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I believe based on my experience making cheese that the remaining curd will have the fat also. It is the whey protein and water that is released. Making mozzerella?

this is very good info for me, thank you.


mozzarella, well, sorta.

I make plastic(?) this way too, edible plastic. its not really "plastic" obviously, but does share properties of molding, flavoring,sanding, painting coloring, etc. it doesn't smell like cheese, or spoil, and even makes small parts in a jiffy.

yep, you guessed it.....back to the kitchen! thanks again

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I'm able to make a pseudo polymer using this process. Dried like a sheet of paper, sharing plastic properties, it snaps, stores, and the taste is acceptable.

Imagine little dosed wafers of this plastic like protein sheet.......


With a bit of tweaking and a little different process I can make white powdered edible thc too, like powdered alcohol.  Sounds like hybrid table seller ware at the cannabis cup right!

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right on, but eating that powder cyclo powdered thc is the only way I can consume it. No smoke, no vape, either.

and when I powder up the casein/thc by drying and crushing I still cant smoke it, but it stores better than

the cyclodextrin so I'm sticking with the cheesy "plastic nugs" for now. It actually tastes good, yes, cheesy,  and is protein.

I really want to love eating cannabis, I wonder how much it will take to convince me.


I don't really see any legal benefit of plasticizing the thc, but its fun darnit. travelling?  long term clandestine storage? 


I have another sheet of "gelatin plastic" that is hard as a rock now ad chocked full of the yummy.  I haven't touched it yet

but I suspect it will feel like a stiff Swedish fish, roll up maybe.


"nice sculpture there, can I nibble more of her arm off" ?

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