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Anyone Getting Ready For Morels?


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Just started my research for around here last nite.  Seems to be much more plentiful here than NY?


Also looking into the seller's permit and the wild mushroom foraging certification.  Seems any wild mushrooms that are sold needs to be inspected by an expert.  I missed signing up for the Lansing class and there are only 2 more, up N a bit, held this year.  It's an 8 hour class, 1 day.


Anyone else collect wild mushrooms or forage or medicine?



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Like me some Morels. Never been to the classes or anything, but I don't sell em' either. I sort of just like picking and eating mushrooms.  Reckon after a bit of picking em n such just sort of figure out which ones are bad through the processing and such of em. 


Im definitely no trained professional, but they like old apple trees too and downed logs and the like. Be mindful for "False Morels"- They're pretty obvious differences between the false and normals if you ask me.

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