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This Officer Should Be Teaching Classes On How To Deal With Life Threatening Situations.

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Another officer who know's the US isn't the wild west.  I know I'll hear the same thing, from the regulars, but I think the guys doing it right deserve as much praise, as the one's doing it wrong.  The officer had a legitimate fear, but he didn't allow it, to push him into taking a life.  :thumbsu:



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The cop was a US Marine. I have a few friends who served in the Marines. The media likes you to believe that Marines are dull-headed, programmed, cold-blooded killers. The guys I know who served in the Marines are among the smartest and most compassionate,and most honorable people I've ever met. This Marine showed restraint in the face of danger and orchestrated a good outcome. Good on him. I thank him for his service to our country.

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