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Question about Medibles (brownies)

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Okay, I'm still a newbie to all of this. I am a "mature" fellow. I had a severe spine injury and the worst symptom is horrible spasms.

I just got my MM card.

I am considering purchasing brownies, 200 mg THC, hybrid (mostly indica strain).

I have not had M since the 70's. So, 2 questions:


1) what is a good starting dose? I am thinking of cutting out a cube, 1" by  1" (or should I do 1/2?)

2) Should I store this in my fridge?

3) How long will it keep? The brownie will be tightly packaged to start.

So, I lied. That was 3 very basic questions, but I have to start somewhere.

I am really hoping this helps with these spasms. I am hoping to reduce my string muscle relaxing meds.




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