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Monster cropped clones - transition, nutes

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Some of my monster cropped clones have rooted. It took about 10 days. Using clone king with only pure water so far. They are under 4 2ft T5s. 

I feel like I should be giving them some sort of nutrients now. The flowering plants they were cut from were getting half strength GH trio. How much should I give these rooted clones? What else should I give them (mold, pest, etc prevention)?

How long should I let these roots progress before I try and transfer them to a DWC?

Thanks guys!!

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This may be a bit off topic, but now that I think about it, who better to ask than you seasoned locals...

I’ll be in the market for clones again soon. I have met a couple great people and received fantastic clones in the past through Bud Trader, despite reading to avoid this site like the plague.  It’s pretty obvious who to avoid on there, but not always.  I have looked into strain bank, but I’ve heard the same sort of scamming propaganda about them. And they say to avoid BT, etc, etc. I have dealt with Further Genetics and been very disappointed and they seemed more legitimate.  Clearly you have to be careful who you deal with.

Where do you guys recommend getting clones from in this great state of MI? I’m in the southwest area, but I’m not opposed to traveling within a couple hours.

I have heard about the following places, but have no personal experience with them:

Strain Bank (already mentioned)





Thanks guys!!


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