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Vaping gets you higher than smoking.

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At least according to a double blind study of 17 adults at Johns Hopkins.


vaporized cannabis produced significantly greater subjective drug effects, cognitive and psychomotor impairment, and higher blood THC concentrations than the same doses of smoked cannabis





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9 hours ago, garyfisher said:

a half gram of weed lasts me WAY longer in my vape than in a bowl.

Volcano? Lasts longer before it tastes like popcorn but I get more medicated off a couple of hits in a pipe. I get more 'effects' quicker smoking than vaping. What I grow only takes a couple hits though. 

What I felt was wrong with the study is I always feel less medicated from vaping than from smoking. So I feel that I have higher blood THC from smoking but I don't check it with a blood test. And I know that smoking burns the THC off in a higher ratio to the other cannabinoids than vaping does.

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In my opinion, nothing beats slow burning a skinny joint. I sometimes enjoy vaporizing flower in a Pax, as it allows me to taste all kinds of hidden terpenes. I do not enjoy vaping wax or using glycerine cartridges. I quickly reach a ceiling high after like 2 hits, and everything after that only cashes out my lungs.

Smoking simply gives me greater pleasure. I like the taste, smell, and visuals of the smoke. I quickly find my desired high plateau, and my lungs generally feel good from smoke. Wax or cartridges are just too "sticky" in their impacts on my lungs.

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Vaping has essence impurities so basically it's like smoking clean THC without everything else, get straight to the point so called. Well, I’m not a professional at the moment. I’m learning from this website https://vapeandjuice.co.uk/pages/best-vape-starter-kit , they have good advices and best vape kits as I see, plus google reviews prove it. Check also video (linked to youtube.com) with guide for most common mistakes people do when they buy their first kit. Explore the website besides this page and see other features/articles.

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