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Most all cannabis doctors are following orders to only do things that are medically necessary at this time. Emergency type stuff. So everyone will have to wait until this 'stay at home' order is over. On the bright side, you have a real excuse why you could not renew. 

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Guys, I recently installed the Internet and television for my parents. They are very happy, by the way. I didn’t know where to find a good company that provides such services because I don’t know much about this issue. But luckily my best friend showed this site fiber optic network solutions . I immediately turned there and it was not in vain, the next day my parents installed the Internet and a television network. And I am very happy about this because I wanted to please them, they are already quite old people and do not understand this issue at all.

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    • By legacy
      Now that the cards are supposedly being issued on-time, i'm wondering if a patient sends their renewal in 1-2 months early... if the new card's expiration date will be based on the received timeframe or if it will be based on the old card's expiration date.
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