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I Just Got My Card Today!

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do a research on alcohol prohbition please everyone. When Alcohol became illegal, the only way to legally drink was from a recommendation from a doctor, sound familiar? One of the illnesses they would allow someone to drink alcohol was from the wounds of a snake bite. The year alcohol became illegal there was 60,000 more cases of snake bites than the previous year. Does that sound familiar? Thats how Walgreens got on the map. They were basically the alcohol dispensary.


Technically its illegal to share vicodin and other drugs with people who need them without a script of their own persnal medicine, but we all share and use meds with other patients and friends. Not trying to be a party pooper but since the people have spoken out for medical cannabis, maybe its time for us to support the legalization for everyone 18 and older.

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Just cause you dont have pior med records dont mean you are commiting a crime last time i heard more than half the state dont even have health insurance so how can they even afford a pior med record. Also why do we have to prove that we are in pain to leo when i can go to my doctor and he will give me narcotics no question asked anybody should be able to use cannabis as meds.

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hello, i suffer from a severe and chronic pain in my left knee. my symptoms are that of fibromyalgia. but don't have insurance so i never saw a doctor about my condition. though, i do have a history with insomnia, i was last prescribed ambien before my insurance was cut. since than i've became VERY turned off by pills, and man made medications, and am very interested in trying a natural cure to my pain/conditions. can anyone refer me to a compassionate doctor, who wouldn't NEED to see a history of pain in my knee? if so, please leave me with information.




This is a previous post from him. I think he's being to boisterous in this post. He should have explained more from his previous post....


It Makes him look like he's thumbing his nose...


Regardless, welcome back to the MMMA. Please put more thought into your posts or else it will come off bad to law enforcement that troll the site.

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