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Tarzan's Bloom & Veg Room


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Tarzan's Bloom Room


Size : 9 X 8

Lights : 4 - HydroFarm Sunburst Digital Series , SBE-400 watts

amps : 14.8 total

lumens : 200,000






I keep all my Growing Supplies , food , extra bulbs ,

in the corner of the room . With my Pro Mix BX Biofungicide

in a new plastic trash can .




Tarzan's Veg Room


Size : 6 X 5

Lights : 3 - HydroFarm T-5 ( FLT44 ) 4 foot , 4 tube

amps : 5.94 total

watts : 714

Lumens : 56,400




All Thanks goes to Tom & Tracey at Synthetic Sun Hydroponics

in West Branch , Houghton Lake & Gaylord for their help :thumbsu:

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very clean tarzan!!

looks beautiful!! :goodjob: :goodjob: :goodjob: :goodjob: :goodjob:



Thanks Bubblegrower ...



That is one thing i learned earily is

to keep my rooms clean ...


Jane bleechs the floors 2-3 times per week ...

I leave nothing on the floors ...


I've got a few finishing touch-up to do

But , I think i got er' done :thumbsu:

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Looks like you did a great job with both rooms Tarzan. :goodjob:


Thanks " thequietone "


Surely a major difference from growing in our bedroom

from when i first started off .


Poor Jane was shoved out of our own bedroom ... LoL


But i had to do what i had to do ...


I started off small and worked my way up :thumbsu:

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Great Work, Doc T! you shall inherit the fruits (and Flowers!) of your labor!



Thanks " 1337Gr33n "


Yes ... I'm waiting patiently for my " Black Queen "

to cure/dry ...


I've already tasted a smaller bud


She was so Smooth , so Sweet tasting and

a very nice tune ... :thumbsu:


Can't wait to share w/ other Patients

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niiiiiiiiiiiiice!! Mine will be done soon but wont be anywhere near as nice as that is.....Not for a while anyways... cant wait to come see first hand



Thanks " itssortalegal10 "


After Friday No one will ...



Very Excited about getting this ...


It transfer Video through the internet to

another location :thumbsu:

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no.... im rolling on the fuggin floor laughing my fat azz off. :)


but, thats a fair deal :)



Only Problem is that it looks like

you may need Jane for a couple hours ...


I don't think i will need your helper

much long then 5 - 10 minutes ...


That including smoking some of that bud ...LoL

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Nice rooms indeed!


I just finished mine also.. and I just got spider mites...


weird, eh?



Thanks " S_C "


Yes it really does Suks ...


If it is'nt one thing it's Another ...


Another Day in Paradise ...


Thank God for Good Meds :thumbsu:


I guess it just goes w/ the territory ...

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