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Dr Greenthumbs G13 Hydro Medical Grow


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Received and popped beans Saturday 2/5/2011.

Both seeds showed roots by monday morning. Put in rockwool in bubble buckets monday evening.

Starting to shed shells and reach for daylight this morning.

Pics later.



got my eye on ya :)




me too.


Me three....what hydro system are you running?

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Woke up this morning and the seeds seem to have had a party last night.

Stetching out like crazy and shedding their helmets.

One still has alittle helmet im sure it will fall off before the days out.

Tucked the root end back down into the rockwool on the one that was super long.

The other didnt want to go back down so I just surrounded it with Hydroton.

Dont think it really matters as its all gonna be filled in eventually.

This is my first grow from seed so any tips are welcomed.






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looking good :thumbsu:


yeah sometimes beans and rockwool can be a bit of a pain, but you got it right...... just shove the lil puppy back in there and move on.


it looks from the pics like the cubes may be staying a bit too wet, but it could just be the pics..........


i would go ahead and fill clay pebbles around them at this point...... all the way up to the first leaf. this will obviously help support the weak stems, and it will also protect your rockwool from light, rot, mold, crap, junk that could cause probs later down the line.


they look fine and healthy though so far. good job.


i prefer to start my seeds in rockwool on trays with a dome until the roots poke out..... then transfer to buckets.... yeah i have to manually water them every day or 2, but i have full control over the moisture whereas a bucket can easily drown them when they are so young.


looks like you got them dialed in though!!

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The size of these plants is pretty impressive. They are finally starting to grow up a little and not out anymore.

If the buds are anywhere near as big as the leaves this is going to be fun.

Here is a pic for reference, plant in foreground is White Widow and has decent sized leaves. G13 is in back look at size

difference of fan leaves.



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