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Rally In Lansing Volunteerism /heroism

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RALLY IN LANSING Volunteerism /Heroism


There was a woman who came into my office about a month ago.Oddly she was there not to ask me questions but instead to offer help. She wasaware of the MMMA, knew of our efforts, knew we were planning a rally, andwanted to help. In today’s day and age, I originally found this odd. I don’tusually have people coming into my office asking to work or help me,unconditionally. But here she was, the real deal, offering to volunteer for theMMMA. She had no ulterior motive, was not a patient, not a caregiver, just abeliever.


In the next 2 month’s I witnessed one of the most authentic,pure and kind hearted efforts put forth by this women. She worked tirelessly tohelp in every way that she could to help the MMMA put together a great rallyand after party.


She took care of all of the printed material you saw at theloft. She secured many donations from vendors in the Lansing area that wereauctioned off at the loft. She secured 6 of the most bad azz bands in theLansing area that tore it up late into the evening. She was the one who found,identified and put the MMMA in touch with the Loft, and assisted in thenegotiations for the use of the best medicine/ green room, ever. She took careof the volunteer badges, the ropes you saw at the capitol (vip area forpatients), she assisted in the new MMMA donor packet, all the printed material.The list is endless and I could never list all the details she took care of. She made herself available to me and BB, whenit was convenient for our schedules. When she said she was going to dosomething she did, and she got it done. Weather you enjoyed the rally and theafter party, weather you thought it was a success or not, it takes a lot oftime, money, effort and people working together to coordinate what took place.


Many of you may have seen her, she was running around in apink t shirt, and was meeting and greeting everyone at the front tables. Hername is Brianna Garret, (she also endured me mispronouncing her name aftercorrecting me often-sounds like BREE ON-A) and she is the superstar and theunsung hero of this event, and I needed to thank her publicly. So thank you andthank you Brianna. You showed what it really means to be a volunteer, ourcommunity is grateful for your altruistic, and pure heart.


As great as this event was, we all learned a lot, which willmake for an even better event next time. As we move forward in growing our community, we will continue to do allwe can to support the rights of patients and caregivers and the People’s Law (the MMMA) the way it was intended.


I was awed by the turnout on Wednesday, and I know it was aspecial day for many who were there. I believe those that were their will lookback on that day as an important day that they will always remember. I knowthat I will. I am proud to have sharedit with everyone that was there, those that supported it from afar and all thathelped pull it together and there were many.


Thank you Brianna and thank you Medical Marijuana family andcommunity.


Michael Komorn


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Guest thequietone

She was a very busy young lady and I saw her working hard to make sure everyone had a good time at the loft. I didn't know about the other things until now and I wish to thank you also Brianna. You did an amazing job helping out with the rally.

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she trucked down to the rally in the rain to pass out info for the after ,she was awesome I hope she reads this and knows how much we appreciate her!! Thankyou young lady. We were the first ones at the loft before the rally and I had a pizza box full of handouts,and I told you I loved the color of your shirt:)

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Thank you Michael and to everyone who commented for all your incredibly kind words. I am happy to hear that you all enjoyed yourself on May 25th. This is clearly an incredible community and I look forward to getting to know more about the community and all of you on a more personal level. As Michael stated it takes a lot of time, money effort and people working together to put on what took place. There were many many many others who contributed their efforts in helping with the success of the event. I wish to thank those individuals as well, THANKYOU!!!

Looking forward to the next event, this is surely only the beginning of many more to come!

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