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Requesting Help Please


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Doing buckets or tables ? I've ran flood & drain tables for a bit so maybe able to help ya some too. Bri's up on things too so can get ya helped if needed.


Think I'm gonna run some rdwc soon. Just don't have the room for tables now so think rdwc will fit better. Once ya get your ebb dialed in your gonna like the ease it offers as it's all on auto pilot. Stick with a simple stable nute line so ya get to know how to keep the ppms/ec and ph in line and let the system do the rest.

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Need pictures. How often are you flooding and what medium are you using ? Hard to tell without pic's as several things could be off.

1. How often are you flooding

2. what medium are you using

3. what ppms/ec are you running

4. what is the ph at

5. what is the rez temps running at.

Bri maybe sleeping think he was up all night with the new puppies.....

Answer those questions and shoot us pic's if ya can as that would help. Sometimes the leafs will yellow (older fan leafs) when cloning and is normal. But, the rest should be nice and green and standing proud or perky..If not then we need to find out whats off.

You do have a good tri meter don't ya as this is needed big time when running hydro.

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well, I went out to Dawgsters Sunday. Nice to meet you by the way. now down to buisness.


1. your main floor drains are clogged and need to be snaked out. thats why the shower drains slow too.


2. you NEED a way to easily drain/fill your rez. I'd put a laundry tub around the corner by the shelves near stairs. there is a PVC vent line there that the trap could be easily installed (if you have skills) and water lines in the floor joists above to tap in for the supplys.


3. the air pump you have for your rez is nowhere near strong enough. you need one 4x stronger at least. that airstone can handle up to 15 l/hr. your pump is 3


4. your nute recipe: 3mil/gal grow. 5mil/gal magical. 6mil/gal boost. with your water you'll also nees around 40-60 mil pH down. your looking for 5.7 I'd switch to DynaGro-Bloom (10mil/gal) and DynaGro-MagPro (5mil/gal) after you use up what you have


5. you need to study up on the "Lucas Method" for feeding and nute managment


6. your rez nutes were 2180ppm and smelled like vomit. toxic levels of nutes and a bacteria bloom spell disaster. more air and proper nutes will fix this


7. your system: not my favorite. if they'd design the timer off the control bucket to be safely up off the floor, away from any water I'd be happier. adjusting your timer on your knees isn't ideal.


your flooding problem was easily solved. after adjusting the float valves and verifing their operation it was apparent there was no "vacuum break" installed on the flood in line pump. when the pump turned off a siphon was being created and the water continued to flow. it's amazing that one small step being overlooked can have such a negative effect!


I'd also change the configuration of your buckets to be fed 1 or 2 per feed line, like we discussed



well, that should get you started!! happy growing!

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