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Ive Been Hearing About Petitions Going Around To Fully Legalize Marijuana

Guest zigg01

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If they had the Schuette recall petitions right there too I wonder if it would hurt or help get both jobs done ?


I attended the kickoff organizational meeting for volunteers last night. Prior to this meeting I knew nothing about petitions other than having encountered signature gathers at various events. In the process I learned that the Schuette petition is much, much more complicated that the constitutional amendment for legalization petition. The process is such that it you would need an extra set of volunteers to handle it.


Many people on here may already be familiar with the problems, but I had no idea. It seems that the Schuette petition requires a separate sheet for each township. For example if you are at a site in Oakland Cty, you would need 30+ separate township petition sheets. For the constitutional amendment drive you only need a single signup sheet for that county and maybe 3 or 4 for the surrounding counties. In addition, the recall petition requires 800,000+ valid signatures vs. around 320,000 for the amendment (the target is 500,000 to allow for signatures that are rejected.

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Grrrrr! This is the second time I have tried to sign up for signature gathering and both times I'm told my application can not be processed. I don't get it.


We've had over 800 volunteers sign-up. We are getting together local contacts, but for now.

A couple of ways for you to get involved. Sign up for events at out Meetup.com page http://www.meetup.com/SaferMichiganVolunteers/ Email me at tom@cannabiscounsel.com; or Email us at help@repealtoday.org Or Call the Committee for a Safer Michigan at 313-567-4724.

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