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Drafting Of The Pc Bill

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does anyone here know who the drafters of the PC bill are? can you please give names and who paid them to draft it?



A bill was introduced today in the state House of Representatives to legalize the establishment of medical marijuana distribution centers.

House Bill 4271 — the Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center Regulation Act — would let individual communities decide whether to allow such centers and where they could be located. It was sponsored by state Rep. Mike Callton, R-Nashville, from rural Barry County northeast of Kalamazoo.

Callton said he was encouraged by having eight Republican cosponsors, along with eight Democrats, and that today, “I had several more conservatives ask me if they could cosponsor, but it was too late” to get them listed. The bill now will be assigned to a committee, he said.

On Feb. 8, the Michigan Supreme Court issued a ruling widely interpreted to ban virtually any public facility that distributes medical marijuana. Callton, acknowledged in Lansing as the first chiropractor to be elected to the Michigan Legislature, said that access to medical marijuana should be considered “a health care issue, not a criminal justice issue.”

He said that although he voted in 2008 against the statewide ballot proposal to allow medical-marijuana use, which voters passed with a 63% majority, several of his chiropractic patients had persuaded him on marijuana's value in easing pain, reducing the symptoms of cancer treatment and providing health benefits, especially to elderly people.

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Do you think that they will restrict personal grows within 25 miles of the new dispensaries? like they in the the other states ???


I do not believe this is part of their agenda.


But if the cultivation is left in the provisioning center bill for them to have large grows, and allow them to transfer between centers with good record keeping, I fear the State will stop home growing in it's tracks (or cut down plant numbers dramatically) so the State is no awash in too much medical marijuana.

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