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Fox Farm Soils And Spider Mites


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Was talking via the web with a organic grower about my ongoing nightmare with spider mites first thing he asked me do you use Fox farm soils in your garden ?


I answered yes he said there has been a big discussion online about the Fox farm soils and mite infestations that cant be eradicated I told him the steps I've gone through to kill the Borg he said he believes that even though the room may be sterile and bug free  every bag of the Fox farm soils possibly contained mites and every bag I open could be reintroducing the bugs back into my grow area.


 So long story short I'm moving on after my last bag of happy frog to pro mix I'm posting this as a warning to others using the FF soil suffering multiple mite infestations that this could be where our problem is starting I'm open to pro mix recipes if anyone's willing to lend a hand ..



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I know you probably don't need me to tell you this, but ill post for others in the hopes they can protect their grow from these horrible critters. I would think twice about taking anything from any hydro shop inside, or even near your facility. I buy anything i may need in advance and put it in a staging/storage area for as long as possible before taking it any were close to my grow, in the hopes that any hitchhiking bugs will move on in the search of food. if i need to bring anything directly inside the facility, i place it an a clean barrel and thoroughly spray it down with 91% isopropyl alcohol, then let it sit inside the closed barrel for a while. I also shower before entering my grow, and never wear my shoes inside. You may be able to put your grow medium inside a hot shed and the heat may sterilize it, but spider mites are super hard to kill, I microwaved some as an experiment once, after a minute in a half they were still running around like nothing happened. I found the best defence is prevention, and I'm talking about the crazy paranoid type of prevention. I'v grown for a long time, and I'v only had them three times and they never got very bad.


I never worked with the medium mentioned above; and it could very well be the problem, but now that you got them id say the only way to really get rid of them is to remove all plants from the grow, treat them, and sterilize all equipment piece by piece, then thoroughly clean and sterilize your facility. GOOD LUCK!

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Kd I read something the other day about prepping soil. I'll see if I can run across it again. Any way it mentioned several methods but the one that stuck in my mind and seemed like it could work was to bake the soil [real dirt] on cookie sheets. I think it was something like 10 min @ 400 deg ...   It would be neccesary to open some windows. It will be odifferous as Chaq puts it.  Or maybe os in the BBQ [/w temp guage] would be the ticket . Probably only get a sq ft/2 {half a foot} or so in at a time.  Desperate measures for devilish pests . Good Luck  

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Don't take clones from other people without quarantining them for awhile.

Grow shops are a hot bed of spider mite activity.

Don't walk outside and then in your room.

Pets that go outside will definitely bring bugs back with them.

Don't bring outside meds into your room. Ive seen live mites on dried bagged buds before.


I had the borg once a couple years ago. Told em to get out of dodge and haven't seen them since.



I doubt the mites are inside the fox farm soil. Ive used it and had no problems. I am aware of  that theory though. More than likely their from wherever that fox farm soil was being warehoused at. I would check on any other house plants that you might have as a source.

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I actualy think I got mine from my c.g's g.r...I was at his house a few nites before i found mine, and I had lots of scraps from him to make some bho, but who knows, Im totaly starting over in my room Im gonna make this baby so I can hose it down right in the room lol!  They have a deterent for mites, you dont put any on your plants, you put it all over your walls and floor and every where you can in your room acept the plants, you put it on the floor in front of the door so when ever you walk in there it is bringing more mite killer on your feet, I leave a pair of slippers right out side the door on top of the sprayed on repelent and like I said it brings it in and helps irradicate the mites every time I go in, you spray it like every week or a few times a week, I willl get the name of it, (sorry I forgot the name)


It works for my c.g, see now that is a good reason to be a pt/cg and have a c.g he helps me with some of my grow probs and makes sure i have mm when i run into probs like this!


Im stayin out of others g.r's and I dont let any one in mine!




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