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Ez Cloner Issue?


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Haven't been growing in a while. I did use one of those too, worked great for the longest. Then I started getting that crap your looking at.  Here's what I would do KD:

1.  Is your air hooked up /w a couple stones at least on the ends? 

2.  Is your water circulating real good ?  Low water it wont work so good. 

     Also you might be getting some dead root buildup in the pump inlet, happened a few times, could lower the flo. 

3. gotta keep that pH about 5.6 - 6.0, ppm for them maybe 50-150 should be good enough I think.


If all that is good. Consider them a lost cause or worst case sceanario. Sorry bro. Been there.  You have to tear it all down clean it thoroughly /w bleach. Including the pucks.  Make sure the pucks are 100% dry when you start them. [ Think it causes the stem to rot otherwise ]. Good Luck ! 


ps mid 6 is not too bad for now, check again maybe 12 hrs, probably be up again

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I check water levels every 5 days add to replace what's evaporated the easy cloner  comes with a air tube and connects to both ends of my air pump I also remove and clean the spray nozzles before each set of clones and replace waterlogged neoprenes when necessary.


Anyone got any tips about additives to enhance and stimulate root growth I currently use Clonex gel with straight tap water and its taking forever to show roots .

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Heat? The pumps get hot after a year or 2.


Any roots showing yet? If so and they are brown, check for hot water, or tiny root aphids. Could also be pythium.

Yes but only nubs I keep a heating mat under the unit might not need it the T-5 fixtures keeps my veg in the mid 80s.

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Ive never lost a clone in an EZ cloner. (including pre 98 bubba)


Straight water until roots show.( If using RO then add cal mag to about 300ppm)


2 teaspoons of bleach in the water per 5 gallons. It will not hurt the clones. PH to like 5.5 because it will go up.


Once roots start to show add 1-2 gallons of 1/4 strength veg nutrients. If they are very large clones 1/3 strength.


The PH will rise with heat. Check it every 2 days. Just top off with lower PH water or nutrients depending on if roots are showing.


Don't leave too many fan leaves on the clones(like 1 or 2 only) and only have 1-2 growth tips per clone. 7-14 days and they will be ready. Sometimes I leave them in longer and let them get huge(for the cloner) this allows them to recover in 1 day from transplant.


Ive used multiple cloning gels and they all seem to do about the same. Just make sure to scuff and split the bottom tip of the clone( the part that gets dipped).


I dont use the air pump or a heat mat. Room stays at 75. The water is ice cold when I use it but it warms up quick.



Plug the tube holes that are on the sides with extra neoprene to keep water from splashing out and light from getting in.


I actually use a demo model that was clear and just painted it all black! Follow these steps and you will never lose a clone again.




Soak the pump and nozzles in bleach water and clean the bunny muffing out of everything else. Use new neoprene every time as well.

Straight water gives me the fastest roots. Ive tried many different "root simulators" and they are not needed in an ez cloner. Some of mine will show the white root bumps in like 3 days. Make sure the clones are not full of nitrogen before you cut them(flush and fast for a couple days before you cut them)


The existing leaves will wilt and die as the nutrients stored in them are used to grow roots.

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How hot was your room?  how much light,, look light light burn to me,,


Here is what i use,,,,  Purified water from the store  PH 6,0   Cap full of clonex rooting solution cap full of hydrogen peroxide   dip clone in clone x gel


Check PH for 2 days make sure is stays at 6  use  40 watt floresent light 1 foot above clones,, clean roots  in 8 days,

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cloning is a no-brainer. the keys to success:




#2  use straight Detroit city water, or (pH'ed & bleached RO) and NOTHING ELSE. replace 1/2 the water every few days to keep it chlorinated


#3 don't get in a rush, give the roots time to develop before moving to the next stage. multiple roots 3-4 inches long will establish the plant much quicker than a clone with just nubs. an extra week in the cloner with 1/4 strength nutes can be a great head start. a little plant with big roots isn't going to be little for long!!


#4 is the #1 clone killer there is, a constant hazard and the one way I've lost clones, several times.

~ remember to turn the pump back on after any maintenance/inspection/refill ~

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I run an EZ cloner 60

Ph to 5.2 with plain well water

My inserts are never dry as I run the unit two days before taking clippings

My issues were with temps

I found that the having the water temp higher than the air temp is critical for speed

I now run mine exclusively at 70f ambient and water temp of 78 degrees

One more thing I use an aquarium heater to maintain a constant temp

Run the pump 24/7 or on a timer never saw any difference there
My veg room is too warm for quick root production so i had to give it a home of its own with a 26 watt bulb on 24/7

This is my fastest rooting method after 4 years

I hope this helps I feel your issues are heat related

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This is for people looking to learn:


When we talk about "straight water" what is the standard?

RO/distilled/filtered- less than 50

Tap well/well water- greater than 100


I have had a hard time with low ppm "straight water". I think the clones need a lot of calcium and magnesium.


How do you guys feel about this?



I've ran my cloner in a 95 degree room and had roots in three weeks. I have it under a 4x8 flouressant. 30 site. Lights and water pump on 24/7.

I know in a medium the roots DO grow faster with a dark cycle.


Try foiliar feeding a very light veg nute. Its saved some of mine that the PH went crazy on because I was too lazy to check for a week(oops).

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Heat issues have become a problem since I went back to the T-5 fixtures those things run wicked hot I figured since vegging plants seem to thrive in the mid 80s that it would be no problem now I'm looking at another area of my basement to run the cloner I have since shatcanned the old cuts and started over more to follow.

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Sounds good

If your unsure about your ph

Just buy a bottle of those drops(cheap) and take it till they are brown

Red is a bit past the optimum ph

Anything from 5.2 to 6.1 will increase your speed on rooting and I have no troubles with algae at those high acid levels

Oh and yes 

I have forgotten to turn the pump back on , more than one occasion 

It is all about the air temp vs water temp 

Try and keep your water below 80 f

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I have a bluelab ph meter calibrated with 4.0-7.0 buffer I just have been getting consistant 6.5-7.0 readings for so long that I got lazy im thinking the hose I have connected to my wash tub I used to refill my reservoir pushed the ph up past 9 for some reason .

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I always use kln rooting solution last batch were roots in 3 days still dip em in clonex.I use an aeroponic 12 site bucket with neoprene ph with cal mag ifound in my mini cloner aero box heat would kill clones and cause root rot it was small ide change water twice a day in the bucket once a week but if the temps of the water run hot from the pump change it

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