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Reaching For The Underside With The Right Sprayer. Goose Neck?

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Precipitator 360° Spray Bottle, 32 oz.Not your ordinary spray bottle, the 32-ounce Precipitator 360° has a 

rotating nozzle that allows gardeners to spray in any direction without 
having to invert the bottle. This clever design makes for more efficient 
application of pesticides, insecticides, foliar sprays and more. The 
nozzle can also be adjusted to apply liquids in a constant stream as 
well as a fine mist. 

SKU   Weight     MRSP: $4.00 Our price: $3.60

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As fate would have it, I bumped my empty sprayer and it fell cracking the nozzle piece so I'm looking around, can't find its clone anywhere. Funny how you get attached to things, ehheh   . Any ways here's the best selection in one spot. sears



ps ... tell you which one I get, in a minute ...

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What are you spraying on your plants?


In the circle that I was trained in as a grower many, many years ago, spraying anything but distilled water on your plants was considered a no-no.  I've always adhered to that rule and have never had problems.

I agree, i never spray my plants.. if i was infested i would think about it.

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I don't need to try it.  I stopped spraying stuff on my plants 15 years ago.  I actually had to start growing smaller plants to make it easier to stay within legal limits.  Plus it's more work that I don't have to do.  I'm inherently lazy so I try to do everything as best as I can with as little work as possible.  Right now I have it down to just watering my plants every five days or so.  I don't do anything else after transplanting.

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If spraying your plants with nutrients is helping them, then the growing medium is lacking something.  Your basically telling I should spray the plants to fix a problem (Not enough nutes.) when I could just put the nutes into soil to begin with, and save the work of spraying.  

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