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My Doctors Visit Today, Not Sure What To Think...

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So I guess I just need to vent.  I feel angry but I guess I shouldn't be...I suppose.


I drive an hour one way, fill out out a book of paper work, which asked me also sorts of questions about illeagal drug use and pharmaceutical use.  Which I answered honestly, none to both.  Their paper work also stated they refused treatment to any medical marijuana users or people using MM.  But didn't ask if you were a pt.


Then into the exam room.  More of the same questions with physical and history questions too.


Then I noticed the cup.  I knew what was coming.  So I told her that I was not here to deal with the pain.  Didn't want any of their pain meds.  I just wanted to deal with the severe cramping I am experiencing in my leg.


The MA passes me a piece of paper and says she needs my consent to do a drug screen.


I said absolutly NOT!  Not signing that. I already answered your questions honestly and shouldn't have to prove myself.


She just stared at me flabergasted.  Didn't say a word.  Promptly gathered her papers, including the consent I threw back at her, and left the room.


Two hours later the doctor finally enters the room!!!


No apoligies for being more than 2 hours past appointment time.  Spends less than 10 minutes with me.  Gives me some options for my condition, one of which is pain medicaton.  I said no thanks, don't want them.  He got real quiet.  Says a few more things to me and starts talking about pain meds again, which I reiterated that I was not interested in.  Then he bacame silent again.  Then he asked me what option I was interested in.  I told him i wanted to try the epidural.  He said ok, said they would call me in a few days to set up the appointment, gathered his papers and started to exit the room.  As he did he says, under his breath, "yeah, that should work, since you wouldn't consent to the drug screen, we won't need to give you any pain meds."  He never did ask me if I was a MM pt.


WTF!  Like a last little dig or something.  I told him several times I didn't want them.  Seems like he'd be happy I wasn't a drug seeker. 


What gives?


I guess I should be happy he's going to do the procedure but didn't care for the attitude or their phucked up policy regaurding the safest and best Pain meds there are, IMO.


And in no way should they be asking their pts to tinkle in a cup UNTIL they show abuse or probable cause that there might be a problem.


No better way to keep people from getting help when they need it...

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Thanks Sol!


I'm wondering if there exist a website that lists MM friendly doctors?


It'd be nice to not have to deal with this issue when you have other problems you're trying to resolve.


The problem with having such a website would be the doctors listed.  Many of the doctors that will prescribe narcotics for a mmj cardholder do not want it advertised.  They do not want extra attention drawn to themselves.  They do not want to be writing hundreds of scripts for mmj pt's.  Every prescription a doctor in Michigan prescribes that is scheduled in class 2-5 is recorded in the "Maps" system.  If a doctor has a large incline in the amount of narcotics he is writing, this could/would be noticed. 


FYI- When a patient crosses certain guidelines regarding narcotics, a report from the "Maps" system is sent to all the prescribing doctors in the report as well.  The program works both ways :)


There was a local group of physicians that provided narcotics to mmj pt's, (amongst others) the word started spreading, people started coming from all over.  The group of 3 physicians closed their doors after they were threatened that their doors would be closed for them and formal charges would be brought against them. 


As a side note:  All of the doctors I have seen have been pretty receptive to cannabis.  I have never been asked to provide urine for mmj testing.  The difference?  I do not receive prescriptions for narcotics.  I do not tolerate them physically and will refuse to try any "new ones".  This is all in my records.    Physicians don't have any reason to ask you to provide a urinalysis unless they are prescribing a controlled substance.  (or checking for something detectable in urine such as ketones, glucose, bacteria, etc. )

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Henry ford pain clinic pulled this garbage on me after I threatened to sue a doctor took me aside asked me questions about my cannabis use then gave her ok no probloems since.

I was in henry fords pain clinic as well, quite a few yrs ago, I was their main pin cushion, also they made me go to group pain therapy, what a phaqing joke, any how, I dumped their arse, went back to my pain specialist, then mm became legal, I got certed and Ive had a few docs since than that couldnt rec or renew me because of the big corporate company they worked for, but I dont get urine screened, my dr. will give me any meds I need, which I dont need no where near as much any longer, we talk about how mm has made my life easier, she sees that I went from 120 methadones a month to only getting 30 and when I dont use them all, I tell her truthfully how many I have left, we try to at least make sure I have one a day just in case, mm cant do the job on its own, im thankful for my dr. I just wish she could renew me, it blows that I have to go to a stranger to get my renew!


One of these days it will get better!



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Thank you! He is going to do the procedure though. If he changes his mind I'll get a hold of you.




Good points! Didn't think about that. But I wasn't looking for a doctor that would recommend /prescribe both, just doctors that don't ask you to provide a urine sample to treat you. Or act like you're some drug seeking fiend. I can take care of finding a doc to get my MM rec. myself.

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The drug test is just another revenue stream for those seeking it. I think you would be best served finding professional medical representation that would be more in concert with your ideals. They are supposed to be working for you and that kind of behavior is completely unacceptable by a HCP at any level.

While I agree with your statement 100%. Greed plays a main part in the overall problem.


 Denial of any form of Professional Health Care and any perceived/real benefits thereof, is a much bigger abomination. mpo   

Which therefore necessitates their complete disregard for the Hippocratic Oath. A hallmark of the Medical Profession since it was concieved in Greece around  550BC .

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