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Michigan Asa Public Meeting


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Led by Americans for Safe Access Executive Director, Steph Sherer, we'll be discussing the latest DOJ announcement and why it's important to support HB 4271.

Come to this FREE event and learn how to get involved in Michigan medical cannabis advocacy!


201 Joseph Campau Ave, Detroit, MI 48207




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HB 4271 Sec. 7. (10) (excerpt)


Confidential dispensing records under this act are subject to reasonable inspection by a municipal employee authorized to inspect provisioning centers under municipal law to ensure compliance with this act, but may be stored off-site.


Confidential dispensing records under this act are exempt from disclosure under the freedom of information act, 1976 PA 442, MCL 15.231 to 15.246.


Except as otherwise required by a court order, a provisioning center shall not disclose confidential dispensing records to any person other than a municipal employee performing an inspection in compliance with this subsection or to a provisioning center agent.


I'm not real happy with this section, but I don't really plan on using dispensaries anyway.


I read "municipal employee" as LEO. What will happen when our Court of Appeals gets a hold of this law and twists it to suit their agenda?


I might feel differently if I thought that Michigan government was at all trustworthy. But I don't.




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I agree with you, however, it is one more step in the right direction.  And, certainly much better than what we have to live with currently.

 sorry  Herb Cannabis i am not sure if i can agree  but they our way more organized then most groups  and they have $$$$ 




before Law 1 was voted in we would have jumped on that wagon because it was all we had hoped for back then but now we  have had a taste of growing our own cannabis and no one will ever give that part up 


IMHO  we must keep fighting for what we have / had 

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Is that really what HB 4271 does? Or does it take the target off the dispensaries and put it back on the suppliers?


I have seen amendments to the MMMA proposed by dispensary advocates that include 12 more plants, but no additional weight. Why do dispensaries want their suppliers to be arrestable?


i dont care about suppliers to dispensaries to be honest. thats not legal now (unless registered).


4271 as it stands, doesnt touch the MMMA.

are there even any cities that would allow dispensaries? ypsi, kzoo, a2, ... ?

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