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U.S. Attorneys in California Defy Obama on MMJ


California -- Last week, the Alameda County (CA) Board of Supervisors passed a resolution asking the Federal government to, "end Federal interference on the municipal and state laws allowing medical marijuana, and... requests that President Obama begin a discussion about the potential benefits of reforming federal laws on marijuana use in all forms, including medicinal and recreational uses." Their desire for clarification and support on this issue is understandable.


Two of the oldest and most respected dispensaries in California, Harborside Health Center and Berkeley Patients Group, both in Alameda County, have been targeted by the Feds on numerous occasions, even in light of strict regulations imposed by their localities, and a squeaky clean track record of providing both a crucial public health service and a large amount of tax revenue.




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Well Lets be Frank.....Your def of Squeaky Clean and others definition will differ.  


The dems know the cons hold the house and to many states.


In 2014 thats going to change.   Then the dems will hold a super and more representative house and state majority.


Look for More legalization after the 2014 fknrepub slaughterfest


Legalization that protects individual grow rights......Not  corp McMarijuana

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