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If The Koon Decision Says Roofs Must Be Covered, What Will Be The Fallout

pic book

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and who will be the victims?   If the decision is issued in the a.m., will there be arrests in the p.m., same as in august 2012 when the court said no dispenses in the a.m and by afternoon, was it 18 dispenses had been raided?  So out will come the lists of grows w/o roofs that leo previously inspected and passed.  Will those instantly be targeted and busted? If the decision comes during growing season, maybe sometime in june?

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I have heard of  a  few people still getting arrested for driving yesterday i talked to someone who had been arrested a few mouths ago they took him to the Hospital and drew blood 


he did not pass the road side test because of his conduction he did not use cannabis that day but was in his grow room and the odder of cannabis was still on him

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